Monday, September 3, 2012

The Slumber Party Massacre Movie Review 259

The Slumber Party Massacre is a 1982 horror movie directed by Amy Holden Jones. It stars Michelle Michaels,Robin Stille and Brinke Stevens.

The story is pretty basic- a mass murderer called Russ Thorn(Michael Villella) is on the loose after escaping from prison. He is a vicious killer with a love for murdering people with his trusty power drill. A girl called Trish(Michaels) is alone for the weekend as her parents are going away. Her nosey neighbour, Mr.Contant(Rigg Kennedy) is keeping an eye on her for them. Trish is inviting her friends around for a slumber party. Her friends are Kim,Jackie and Diane. Trish wants to invite a new girl at school called Valerie(Stille) but Valerie won't go when she hears Diane bitching about her behind her back. Meanwhile, Russ Thorn is hanging around the school. He is watching Trish and her friends. He kills a phone repair woman in broad daylight in her van. He also kills a student in the school.

That night, the friends get together for their slumber party. Valerie happens to live very close to Trish and she is at home with her sister,Courtney. Courtney wants to go over to the slumber party, but Valerie won't let her. Mr. Contant is one of the first victims of Thorn as he begins his killing spree. The girls are unaware at first of the killing going on around them and Diane and her boyfriend are killed as the girls think that they are making out. When the pizza boy drops dead on the front porch, then they start to panic. Jackie and Kim are killed and it is down to Trish to survive. Valerie and her sister realise that something isn't right at the house and they come over to help. The three of them have to get away from Thorn. They finally manage to kill him and they all wait for the cops to arrive.

This was a fun movie. There isn't too much depth to it, but I liked the idea of the killer with a drill coming after the girls. It was light hearted entertainment and it doesn't require too much brain power. See it if you can, it is worth the watch. I am giving it a 6/10.


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