Friday, October 26, 2012

American Horror Story Season 2, Episode 1

Another season of American Horror story has started and this time it is set in an asylum. Some of the actors from the first series have returned as different characters. Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto and Evan Peters are back in different guises.

The series begins with a couple going into an old asylum in the present day. They are on their honeymoon and they are exploring supposedly haunted places. The asylum has a long history and it was a place of misery in the past and people who were sent there rarely came out. They are wandering around when the husband gets attacked by something. Cut to 1964 and Kit Walker(Peters) is working in a gas station. He is married to a black woman and they are hiding it from the locals as they would not approve.
He and his wife get abducted by aliens and he is taken onto their ship. Cut to Lana Winters(Sarah Paulson) who is a journalist looking for a big story. She comes to an asylum called Briarcliff with an idea of uncovering what it is really like to be in there but she pretends that she wants to do a story on their bakery. She meets the nun in charge,Sister Jude(Lange). Sister Jude sees through her facade and doesn't think that she should be there.

A serial killer called Bloody Face is going to be admitted to the asylum. It is none other than Kit Walker who has been accused of being Bloody Face after his wife was killed. He tries to protest his innocence.
He meets a girl called Grace(Lizzie Brochere) who was accused of murdering her family. She seems sane and they talk. There is a crazy doctor there called Dr. Arden(James Cromwell) who is performing experiments on the patients. Patients are disappearing and Sister Jude is not happy. She talks to the Monsignor (Joseph Fiennes) about it but he won't listen. She has fantasies about him. Another nun called Sister Mary Eunice(Lily Rabe) is helping out the doctor with his experiments. She meets Lana who is snooping around the asylum trying to expose the mistreatment of the patients, but she ends up getting committed herself. Cut to present day and the couple are trying to escape from the house but they end up meeting Bloody Face. 

A good start to the next series. There is a lot going on so you would have to follow this from the first episode, but it is very good and the actors are good in it too. I am interested to see what is going to happen next!


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