Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 1

 Last season on The Walking Dead, we saw the group on the road near a prison. Rick had taken control of the group and got some balls at last!

Episode 1 begins with the group on the road. They are killing the zombies as they go but they are tired and Lori is almost ready to give birth. They are out of food and they need a place to go and regroup.
Rick decides that they need to get into the prison. It is surrounded by zombies outside, but they have no choice but to try and get in. They go in as a group with some of them distracting the zombies while others slip inside. They battle their way through the zombies and manage to get into the prison itself.
There are plenty more zombies around. They kill most of them in their little area and they can rest for a while.

Lori and Rick are not on the best of terms after the death of Shane. Rick is concentrating on keeping them all alive. Meanwhile, Michonne and Andrea are together and Andrea is very sick. They are holed up somewhere, but Andrea tells her that she will die if they don't get on the road. They decide to go and find a more secure place to stay. Rick and the others look around the prison and find themselves swamped by zombies. They have to retreat but Hershel manages to get his leg bitten by a walker and Rick has to chop it off. He is bleeding heavily. They suddenly see what they think are more walkers, but they are human!!!!

A good start to the third series. There was loads of action and it was very entertaining...I'm looking forward to the next episode!


Anonymous said...

I love the Walking Dead. Since we never have much time for TV, I always catch it on Netflix. After getting addicted to the first season, it seemed like forever before they released season two. I watched the entire season in three days.

I'm looking forward, especially after reading your review, of season three. One disappointment I had with season two was the lack of the change of scenery. It seemed they spent too much time at the farm and got the focus away from their goal of finding a true safe haven.

But it was a good season and really gave an insight of how such circumstances can change people. Hopefully season three will be just as exciting.

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