Tuesday, November 27, 2012

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 3

Episode 3 begins with the married couple still running from Bloody Face. They manage to stab him, but there are two more Bloody Face. They shoot the couple. It turns out that they were just wearing masks and pretending. They talk about what happened but then the real Bloody Face appears..

Cut to the asylum and Sr. Jude is looking at a newspaper from years ago. There is an article in it about the hit and run for which she was responsible. There is a storm coming and the patients are going to watch a movie to take their minds off the weather. Dr. Thredson wants an autopsy report on Jed who died after being possessed. Sr. Mary Eunice seems different and Sr. Jude is puzzled by her new behaviour. Dr Arden pulled an implant out of Kit and he wants to know why it was put there. He wants Kit to tell him who he is working for. Sr. Mary Eunice has turned bad after being possessed by the demon who was inside Jed and she kills one of the patients who realised what happened.

She feeds the remains to the unseen monsters outside. Then she goes to see Dr. Arden and comes on to him. Lana wants to get a note to her girlfriend, Lois and she asks Dr. Thredson to do it for her. Sr. Jude thinks that it was Dr Arden who sent her the newspaper about the hit and run. She receives a phone call from the girl that she killed and she turns to the bottle.She stumbles into the hall where the film is being shown and makes a fool of herself. Dr. Thredson talks to Lana and tells her that he couldn't find Lois. He found that her house was like the scene from the Bloody Face murders but if it was Bloody Face, then it cannot be Kit who is the killer. Grace and Kit are going to try and escape and Lana catches them. They don't want her to come. They finally relent and let her come. Shelley(Chloe Sevigny) distracts the guard while the others try and escape.

They get outside but then they meet the monster in the woods and they have no choice but to run back inside. Sr. Eunice tells Sr. Jude that there are three missing patients, but they have gotten back into their seats so there is no evidence of them escaping. Meanwhile, Dr Arden talks to Shelley who is a sex addict and he tries to rape her. He can't do it and she mocks him so he hits her. She wakes up in his lab and realises that he had chopped both of her legs off...


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