Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blue Steel Movie Review 278

Blue Steel is a 1989 thriller directed by Kathryn Bigelow and starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Ron Silver.

Curtis stars as new cop Megan Turner. She is on patrol when she sees some guy robbing a supermarket. She gets out her gun and she tries to arrest him but he ignores her so she shoots him dead when he points his gun at her. She is disciplined for this by her bosses because the robbers gun was not found. It has been taken by a guy called Eugene Hunt(Silver) who was in the supermarket at the time and saw what Megan did. He is a psychopath and he goes around shooting people for no reason. He manages to meet Megan and they begin a relationship. Megan is unaware that he is a nut job.

Bodies begin to turn up around the city and the cops find a bullet with Megan Turner etched into it. They think that someone is obsessed with her and that she is in danger. They have to take her back into the force for her own protection. She begins to realise that Eugene isn't all there and he scares her with his weirdness. She figures out that it is him who is the killer and she tries to tell her colleagues. Her co worker, Detective Mann(Clancy Brown) does believe her and she tries to get Eugene arrested but he has a good lawyer and he comes out looking better than she does. He kills her best friend and he stalks her but she can't get him. She and Mann are on his case and they begin to become close.

Megan tries to get Hunt on her own but he is elusive. He tries to kill Mann but Megan saves him but shooting Hunt in the shoulder. She chases him but loses him. Hunt becomes more and more deranged and hears voices in his head. Mann and Megan sleep together but Hunt turns up and he shoots Mann.
He tries to kill Megan but he can't and he flees. Mann is taken to hospital. Megan goes back on the job and she finds Hunt. She shoots him but doesn't kill him. They chase each other and she gets shot too.
Finally she kills him and puts him out of his misery.

This was a good thriller with a good cast. It wasn't brilliant, but it was entertaining and I liked the leads.
I will give it a 6/10.


Tony Briley said...

I'm afraid I'm aging myself, but I remember going to see this movie when it released at the theater. I enjoyed it. I was hoping for a little more action back then, but it had enough to keep it interesting.

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