Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 11

Last time, The Governor had launched an attack on Rick and the others. They survived it, but they know that that will not  be the end of it.

This week, Hershel wants to get out of the prison, but the others are not so sure. The Governor has them pinned down. Carl and Hershel think that maybe Rick needs to stand down as leader and let someone else take over. Meanwhile, in Woodury, The Governor is rallying the troops and getting everyone ready for a war. He is arming people and Andrea doesn't like it. Milton, the scientist guy, is told to befriend her and get information from her about where her loyalties really lie. He and Andrea come upon Tyreese and his crew while they are out in the woods capturing a walker so that Andrea can head off to the prison and talk to Rick. Milton takes Tyreese and his group back to Woodbury and Andrea leaves.

She arrives at the prison but Rick and his group are suspicious of her. She wants to make peace with them and she tells them that they should try and come to some agreement with The Governor. Rick doesn't think that this is possible and he wants her to help them get into Woodbury and take them by surprise. She won't help them.Michonne tries to talk to Andrea about The Governor and tells her how dangerous he is. Andrea seems to know this, but she still won't abandon him. The Governor talks to Tyreese and his friends and asks them about the prison etc. He agrees to let them stay as long as they tell him about the layout of the prison.Andrea talks to the others in the group and she realises that maybe The Governor is a bit dodgy. She returns to Woodbury and when he is asleep, Andrea brings out a knife and contemplates killing The Governor but can't do it.

A good episode, everything is gearing up for a face off between the two groups!!Bring it on!!!


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