Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Insidious: Chapter 2 Movie Review 310

Insidious: Chapter 2 is a horror movie and a sequel to Insidious(2011). It is directed by James Wan(Saw) and it stars Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson.

If you have seen the first movie, then this will just follow on from that. Young Josh Lambert is with his mother, Elise(Lin Shaye) and her medium friend Carl. He has been haunted by an old woman and Elise has been called in to help by Carl. There is something horrible in the house and Elise and his mother decide to hypnotise him and make him forget all about it. Cut to adult Josh(Wilson) and his wife Renai(Byrne). They are being questioned by the cops about the death of Elise in their house. The family decide to move in with Josh's mother, Lorraine(Barbara Hershey). Renai is wary of Josh after the events of the first movie. She starts to see things in the house and becomes sure that something is after them again. Lorraine visits two co workers of Elise's to see what can be done. They are Specs(Leigh Whannell) and Tucker(Angus Sampson). Carl is there and he tries to contact Elise with his special dice. They are given a clue by the dice which leads them a hospital where Lorraine used to work.

She tells them about a guy called Parker Crane who killed himself in the hospital. They might have contacted him instead of Elise. They go to the guys house and find stuff about old killings made by The Bride in Black. They think that he was the killer. They see that Elise was not speaking to them at all. It was this guy Parker's mother. Meanwhile, Josh is still acting strangely. Lorraine wants the family to get out of the house. Carl, Specs and Tucker are with her and they are going to get Josh and drug him as they think that he is possessed by Parker Crane. Josh is too clever for them and he gets away. He tries to kill Renai but is stopped by his son. Elise shows up to help. The real Josh has been caught in a place called The Further and his son Dalton has to go and rescue him....Can they make it???You will have to watch the movie to find out...

I liked this film. It was a good follow on from the first one which I also liked. It was entertaining and good fun.  Watch out for the writer of the movie Leigh Whannell as Specs. Sequels can be dodgy sometimes, but this one is well worth a watch. It is on a par with the first movie so if you liked that, you will enjoy this.  I don't understand why it got such negative reviews. Good solid horror here and some decent scares. I will give it an 8/10.


Anonymous said...

I don't remember much about the first one but the second I will check out thanks to your review. I don't believe I ever peeked an interest in the first one but I'll have to watch a few trailers to see if it brings back some memories. Even if I didn't like it all that much, sometimes a sequel will still be enjoyable. I didn't like the first Rocky but loved all the others (mostly because I was so young), the Blair Witch is another that comes to mind. I hated the first one, enjoy the other(s).

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