Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Escape Plan Movie Review 320

Escape Plan is a 2013 action movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is directed by Mikael Hafstrom.

Stallone stars as Ray Breslin who has a security company with Lester Clark(Vincent D'onofrio). They test maximum security prisons to see if there are ways to escape so they can tighten up on their security measures. Ray is an expert at escaping by now. Ray is offered a deal by CIA agent Jessica Miller(Caitriona Balfe) who tells him that there is a top secret prison she wants him to test. It seems very hush hush but Ray decides to do it. Ray thinks that this is just business as usual, but he is caught by the prison guys, but they take his tracking chip out of his arm and he knows that something is wrong this time. He is unconscious and taken to the prison. When he arrives, he sees that all of the cells are made of glass so there is no privacy. He decides that he needs to get out of there when he meets the warden, Willard Hobbes(Jim Caviezel) who knows that he is in prison to test it, but who is going to make sure that he stays in the prison forever.

Breslin meets Emil Rottmayer(Schwarzenegger) and the two become friendly. Ray tells him that he is going to get out and Rottmayer wants to go too. They come up with a plan to get out. When Ray gets out, he realises that the prison is on a ship so escape is impossible. It turns out that the top secret prison is going to be harder than he thought. He and Rottmayer watch the guards and try and get their routine so they can plan their escape. Ray is being watched by head guard Drake(Vinnie Jones) and he has to convince the prison doctor, Dr Kyrie(Sam Neill) to help them. He does and they manage to escape, but they are chased by Drake and Hobbes. They shoot them and get out. It turns out that Ray was set up by Lester Clark who was paid by a private security firm to get Breslin into the prison and keep him there. He gets caught by one of Breslin's associates and locked into a container on a ship somewhere.

This film is good fun and you know what you are getting from the start. I liked it, it was easy to watch with lots of action. I would recommend it if you like action movies and the cast are good in it too. I will give it a 6/10.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this movie. The plot was a little ridiculous, but Sly and Arnold both showed why they are the definition of action movies.

Kezya Wulandari said...
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