Monday, December 15, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 6

This episode beings with Carol and Daryl following the car with the white cross on it. They are hoping that it will lead them to where Beth is. They run out of gas and have to leave the car and find shelter for the night. They find a spot to look out over the area and they end up in an office block. They find walkers in a tent inside and they kill them. They get held up by Noah who has followed them and he takes their weapons. He escapes and Carol is going to kill him, but Daryl stops her.

They find a van from Grady Memorial Hospital with a stretcher inside and they wonder if Beth has been taken there. They go back to the office block where they find Noah and Daryl pushes a bookcase on top of him. He is trapped and there are walkers coming. Daryl is going to leave him tere to die, but Carol asks him not to do that. They rescue Noah and he tells them about Beth and the hospital. They are going to help him, but Carol steps out on the street and gets knocked down by a car from the hospital. Daryl can't help and he has to watch as two people get out of the car and take her away with them. They decide to go back to Rick and the others and get a group together to get Beth and Carol out.

A good episode which sets everything up nicely. There will be a confrontation between the hospital and the survivor group and it should be good!


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