Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 7

Daryl and Noah go back to Rick and the others at the church. They tell them about Beth and Carol and they decide that they need to get them out . Father Gabriel stays at the church with Michonne, Carl and baby Judith while the others leave. Father Gabriel sneaks out and wanders in the woods, encountering walkers, but not having the stomach to kill them. Meanwhile, Abraham is still gone a bit mad and he is kneeling on the road as Eugene lies unconscious. Maggie and the others are unsure of what to do with him. Eugene finally comes around and Abraham is okay.

Rick and his group go to the hospital where Beth and Carol are. Inside, Beth and Dawn talk about Carol and Dawn helps her to save Carol's life by giving her a key to the medicine cabinet. Beth gives her some drugs to help her live. Rick and the others take three officers hostage and they are going to try and make a trade with Dawn. The officers tell them that she won't make a trade for them and that they should let them go and they will deal with Dawn. Rick won't do that and he and the group go to try and talk to Dawn about trading her officers for Carol and Beth. Sasha is left alone with one of the officers and he tricks her into turning her back on him and he knocks her out.....


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