Sunday, August 9, 2015

Something Evil Movie Review 366

Something Evil is a 1972 horror TV movie directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Sandy Dennis,Darren McGavin and Ralph Bellamy.

Paul Worden(McGavin) and his wife Marjorie(Dennis) decide to buy an old house that is for sale in the countryside. Marjorie falls in love with it and she persuades her husband to buy it. They have two children, Stevie(Johnny Whitaker) and little girl. The previous owner is a bit strange and he warns them that the house might not be suitable for them, but they go ahead. They notice that their neighbours are a little odd and that there are some strange customs. Marjorie hears a child crying at night and she investigates, but there is nothing there. She thinks that it must have been a dream. Paul is filming an advertisement at their home as he is a producer and there are loads of people around. Marjorie makes special charms for everyone to ward off evil. Two of the film crew get into a terrible car accident after leaving the house and they die.  Marjorie tells Paul about all of the weird happenings at the house but he is no interested in it.

Marjorie and Paul meet a neighbour called Harry Lincoln(Bellamy). He believes in the Devil and he talks to Marjorie about it. He shows her some protective pentagrams. Marjorie paints one of these protective pentagrams in the children's bedroom. She has a book and she reads out a special chant to ward off evil.
Marjorie tells Harry about the noises that she has heard. He wants to record her stories. She gets scared when things begin to  happen and she tells Paul that she wants to leave. He thinks that she has gone mad.
Paul tells her that he will sell the place if she wants. He talks to Harry about his wife and Harry agrees that they should move out.

Meanwhile Stevie is acting up. He is being very disruptive and naughty. Marjorie is losing her patience with him. Marjorie talks to Harry and tells him that she thinks that the Devil is in her house. Harry gets attacked in his house and is brought to hospital. Marjorie locks the children into their bedroom and tells them that she is sorry, but that she can't look after them anymore. She runs into the barn and climbs up to the loft to throw herself off but the previous owner shows up and stops her. He tells her that her son is possessed. They run to save him. Paul arrives home and they all go to the bedroom to save the children. Marjorie faces off with the evil son ans she brings him into the protective pentagram. She tells the evil that it will not get her son. She defeats the evil and they movie out. The movie ends with us wondering is the son really saved....

This was a decent enough horror movie. It isn't very scary but the story is somewhat interesting. I think that it worth a watch as it is very early Spielberg and it is an interesting tale. There isn't much in the way of scares really, but it will be a fun way to pass the time if you get a chance to watch it. I will give it a  5/10.


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