Monday, November 9, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 6 ,Episode 2

This episode begins with a young girl wandering around. She traces the letters JSS on the ground.
She puts the letters on everything that she passes.She arrives outside Alexandria and the doors open for her and she enters.Jessie talks to her son Ron about what happened to his dad. He thinks that Rick is dangerous.Maggie talks to Deana and they decide to start to grow their own vegetables. Denise is a psychiatrist and she is going to be the next doctor. Father Gabriel talks to Carl about what happened. He is sorry about it all.

Suddenly, there are attacks everywhere. People are being killed. Jessie and her son hide in the closet. Carl is with Enid and they are protecting Judith. Carol kills one of them. The town is being destroyed. Morgan fights with the men who are killing. Carol helps him out. Deanna doesn't want to fight. She doesn't know how to. Carl saves Ron's life from the killers. He tells him to stay with him for his own protection but Ron won't. Jessie comes out from the closet and gets attacked. She kills her attacker. Carol tries to get to the armoury before the killers do. She gets some guns and hands them out. Morgan and Gabriel don't want them.

Carol kills loads of the murderers. Morgan doesn't like how easily she does it. He gets surrounded by them and he fights them off. Morgan tells them to go away and don't come back. They run off. Eric finds pictures of Alexandria in a backpack belonging to one of the killers. Everyone comes out afterwards and look at all of the damage. Carl finds a note from Enid saying survive. Morgan finds another of the killers in a house and he manages to kill him. Carol and Morgan walk off into the distance.

This was a good episode. There was a slow start, but then, everything heated up and there was loads of action. People were dropping like flies and the killers seemingly had no motive for the attack. Rick, Michonne and Daryl didn't appear at all in this episode and neither did Glenn or Abraham.


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