Monday, December 14, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 5

This episode begins with Rick returning to Alexandria followed by a herd of walkers.He gets inside and tells everyone to be quiet and not to draw attention to them.Aaron tells everyone that it was he who let the Wolves know about Alexandria and people are worried. Maggie is desperate to find Glenn and is going to set off on her own but Aaron stops her and tells her that he will go with her. They try and escape through the sewers but find that the walkers have the exit surrounded. They cannot escape and Maggie is upset. She tells Aaron that she is pregnant.

Denise, the doctor is having a crisis of faith as she tries to save one of the townsfolk. Tara goes to talk to her and she gets her to try harder and not give up.She finds a medical journal and she looks at it to see if she can do something to help the injured person and she can. She kisses Tara. The townsfolk decide that they need to fight if they are to survive. Deanna decides that she cannot lead the people anymore and she hands power over to Rick. She goes over to the gate but doesn't notice that there is a crack in it and blood is getting in.Not good!

A good episode. Not that much happened,but it sets up the mid season finale.


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