Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 10

Last episode, we saw Negan's crew and they got blown to bits by Daryl. Carl was shot through the eye by Jessie's son. We didn't know if he would survive. Well, he did survive and this episode begins with Rick, Michonne and Carl and they look like a happy family. Daryl and Rick are going on a supply run and they take orders from the people in Alexandria for items that they might be able to find. Daryl and Rick hit the jackpot when they find a small truck full with food. They are going to take it with them when they run into a weird guy(Tom Payne) who is known as Jesus. He tricks them and takes their truck. They chase him and get some of their stuff back and tie him up. They leave him on the road, but as they are driving along, they hear someone on the roof. It is Jesus and they stop the truck and he falls off.

There is a fight and the truck ends up rolling into a lake, losing all of their stuff. Carl and Enid are in the woods and Carl sees a walker, but he doesn't kill it. Michonne and Deanna's son, Spencer are also there and see this. Michonne wonders why Carl didn't kill the walker, but it turns out that it is Deanna and he was leaving it to Spencer to kill her. He tells Michonne that he would kill her if he she was bitten because she is part of his family. She tells him that she would do it too. Rick and Daryl bring Jesus back to Alexandria and tie him up. Rick and Michonne have sex which I did not see coming!
The next morning, they wake and see Jesus standing by the bed. He tells Rick that they need to talk.

This was a very interesting episode with the introduction of the Jesus character. It should be good to see how he fits in with the rest.


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