Saturday, June 4, 2016

Frenzy Movie Review 393

Frenzy is a 1972 thriller directed  by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Jon Finch, Barry Foster and Alec McCowen.

The movie begins in London. There is a killer on the loose who is strangling women with a tie. The killer is a guy called Bob Rusk(Foster) and he seems a happy go lucky guy on the outside but inside, he is a twisted killer who hates women. His friend is called Richard Blaney(Finch)who does not know anything about his pals tendencies.Rusk goes in to see Blaney's ex-wife who happens to run a dating agency where he was a client before he got banned for being heavy handed with his dates.He tries it on with her and when she rejects him, he kills her by strangling her with a tie. Blaney is under suspicion as there was no love lost between them and he was seen coming out of her office. Rusk also murders Blaney's girlfriend and this makes Blaney look even more guilty.

Rusk tries to make Blaney look like the killer and the cops arrest him. The detective who is investigating the case, Inspector Oxford(McCowen) is not so sure that Blaney is the real killer. He doesn't have any evidence on Rusk yet. Blaney breaks out of jail and goes to Rusk's place as he realises that he set him up. Oxford knows that Blaney will go there, so he follows him. Blaney finds a dead body at Rusk's place and the cop sees it too. They hear Rusk coming so they hide and he is caught red handed with a trunk, getting ready to dispose of his latest victim. This ends the film.

This is a good thriller with an entertaining plot. Foster is good as the nonchalant killer who is happy to frame his good friend. It is one of Hitchcock's last films, but I would recommend it as there are some genuinely creepy scenes. Good cast and good story. I will give this a 7/10.


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