Sunday, October 9, 2016

Wolf Creek Season 1, Episode 1

Well, when I heard about this TV show I was very happy as I am a big fan of the Wolf Creek movies.
I was disappointed that it is only  a six episode season, but hopefully, there will be more.

The first episode begins with a family travelling through the outback in The Northern Territory in Australia. It is a very remote area. They are Americans and they find a spot to park beside a billabong. What they don't realise is that the water is infested with crocodiles. The young son goes swimming and almost gets eaten, but he is saved by a man called Mick Taylor(John Jarratt) who shoots the croc.The mother and father are both cops in the U.S. and they are with their young son and their daughter, Eve(Lucy Fry)on vacation. Eve has had a problem with drugs in the past and the trip is meant to help her recover.

Mick seems friendly enough and they talk to him. Eve gets bored and goes back to their caravan with her headphones on. She doesn't hear or see Mick murdering her family. He comes into the caravan and tries to get Eve but she runs away from him. He shoots her as she runs and she falls into the river.
He assumes that the crocs will get her so he leaves. He dumps the bodies and burns out their caravan.
Eve wakes in the water later and she is found by two birdwatchers. She is taken to hospital where the cops talk to her. They think that her dad might have gone crazy and shot the rest of her family, but she tells them that there was a man with a blue truck. 

She goes to the cop station and talks to the investigator Sullivan Hill(Dustin Clare) about what happened.They seem to bond. She discovers that there are lots of other missing tourists in the area.
Hill thinks that she should go back home to America and leave the investigating to him. She is going to go but she changes her mind. She goes into the cop station and steals the files of the missing people and she gets herself a van. She promises her family that she will get revenge for the death of her family. A very good first episode. I liked it a lot and it follows on from the movies which is great. Jarratt is great as Mick. I am looking forward to the next episode.


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