Monday, November 28, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 4

This episode begins with Negan and his cronies coming to Alexandria looking for stuff. Rick and the others have no choice but to let him in. He asks about Maggie and is led to believe that she is dead as there is a grave and Gabriel, the priest. We don't really know where she is but we are guessing that she isn't dead. Negan and his group go through the place and take everything, including their guns. They take their furniture, medicine and their mattresses. Now, giving up your weapons is not the thing to do. I was amazed that Rick didn't have some stashed away somewhere. This didn't ring true to me.The fact that Rick folded like a pack of cards didn't seem in character either. I know that Negan has the power, but I would have thought that Rick would have some fight left in him.

The episode pretty much consists of Negan humiliating Rick and the others and rubbing their noses in it. They take it and Rick encourages them to think of Negan as their leader and not him. I am surprised that he has given in but under the circumstances, maybe it fits in with the storyline. I am not sure about it. Anyway, Negan gets every last gun and pretty much everything that they have and then tells them that he will be looking for more. How much more of this can the group take?Daryl is brought along to make everything worse. Michonne isn't too happy about it and Rick has to try and calm her down, but she is seething. Rosita is planning something and she finds a shell casing and brings it to Eugene and she wants him to make her some bullets.

This episode was good in some ways and not in others. Rick seems to have lost his grit and just agreed to work for Negan, but will that last? I think not. I don't like the way that the characters are
surrendering everything to Negan but I suppose that it is all part of his treachery. I am hoping that this is temporary and that the group will come up with a plan and start working towards getting rid of Negan and his band of thugs.


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