Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Unlawful Entry Movie Review 439

Unlawful Entry is a 1992 thriller directed by Jonathan Kaplan and starring Kurt Russell, Ray Liotta and Madeleine Stowe.

Russell plays Michael Carr and he has a wife called Karen(Stowe). They live in LA and one night, a burglar breaks in and takes Karen hostage but he doesn't hurt her. The couple are shook up and call the police. One of the responders is Pete Davis(Liotta) and he helps them out and seems to be very interested in them. He helps them with their security and they become friendly. Michael wants to get the guy who attacked Karen and Pete takes him on a ride along with his partner. When his partner has left, Pete takes Michael to get the guy and when they find him, Pete goes to town on him with his nightstick. He asks Michael if he wants to join in, but Michael doesn't like it at all. He is disturbed by the brutality of Pete and he doesn't want anything to do with him after that.

Unfortunately, Pete is a psychopath and he doesn't take heed of Michael telling him to stay away. Pete keeps an eye on them, especially Karen. He is obsessed with her and he turns up at their house, Michael reports him and this makes Pete mad. He wants to destroy Michael so that he can move in on Karen. He uses his pull to get Michael into trouble at his business. Michael goes to Pete's partner for help and he tells Pete to cut it out but he gets killed by Pete so that puts an end to that.
Next, Pete gets Michael arrested by planting drugs in his house. This leaves Karen alone and vulnerable.

Pete thinks that he can go over to Karen and have her, but she doesn't want him. This makes him mad. Meanwhile, Michael gets out of jail and he comes to save his wife. Pete is getting very intense with Karen and when she rejects him, he decides that he is going to rape her. Michael gets there in the nick of time and he shoots Pete dead when he grabs his gun. This was a very good thriller. Liotta was great here as the unhinged cop. He played the role as intense and creepy which he is very good at. Russell does well as the husband who tries to get Pete out his life. Stowe is fine as the wife too.
This is well directed and well written and I do think that this is Liotta's movie. I really recommend this movie and I will give it a 7/10.


Tony Briley said...

This was a really good movie and your 7/10 is fair. Might not be everyone's favorite but if they like suspense this would be one most would enjoy.

Amanda said...

I really liked this film.Liotta is great as the intense creepy guy which he has used throughout his career.The fact that he is a cop in this makes it interesting.It is one that stood out for me.

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