Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Don't Torture A Duckling Movie Review 452

Don't Torture A Duckling is a 1972 Italian horror movie directed by Lucio Fulci and starring Florinda Bolkan,Barbara Bouchet and Tomas Milian.

The movie begins in a small Italian village where a woman is uncovering remains of a child. Then it cuts to three boys who are up to mischief. They are making fun of the local weirdo, Giuseppe. Somebody is making wax dolls and sticking pins in them which is never good! A woman called Patrizia(Bouchet) is tempting a young boy called Michele. He sees her naked and he is attracted to her. The next day, a young boy called Bruno is attacked and he disappears. The police are looking for him and Bruno's father has received a phone call looking for money in return for his safety. A journalist called Martelli(Milian) comes to the village to see what is going on. Bruno's dad delivers the money and the cops are waiting to see who collects it. It is Giuseppe. They think that he is the killer of Bruno but he is just a weirdo and hasn't killed Bruno, whose body is found.

Someone buries one of the wax dolls, suggesting that Bruno was one of them and that someone else killed him. Someone asks Michele to come and meet them. He goes out to meet the person and he gets killed. Who was it? The cops are on the case again. They are suspicious of Patrizia as she was out that night and she knew the kid. She used to a drug addict. Another doll is buried. A woman called La Maciara(Bolkan) shows up at Michele's funeral. She is said to be the local witch and people are wary of her. She runs away. The cops go and and see a local magician who she was living with and ask him some questions about her. He doesn't know where she is. The cops search for her. They discover that Maciara and the magician has a child but it was deformed. They find the little graves with the dolls in them. They catch Maciara and take her into custody.

She admits that she killed the kids. She tells the cops about the wax dolls. She says that the two boys were messing around where her son was buried and she was angry with them. She says that she summoned the Devil and that it can cause anyone to kill. The cops don't think that she is guilty. She is released but she doesn't last long as some locals come and beat her to death amid sad music! Mario, another kid has gone off on his own. The priest finds out about it and goes to find him. Mario meets Patrizia, whose car has broken down. Mario ends up dead. The priest found the body. Martelli finds a lighter by the crime scene. It belongs to Patrizia. He confronts her with it. The cops ask her some questions too. Patrizia and Martelli look around the crime scene. She sees the head of a doll that she bought for the priest's sister but the body is not there.Spoiler alert!

They talk to the priest about it all. His sister is missing and she is with her mother. The priest goes to look for them as Martelli and Patrizia think that the mother might be the killer. The priest finds them in a cave, but it is the priest who is the killer. He takes his sister and heads off with her up a cliff.
Martelli and Patrizia follow him. Martelli tries to talk to him. They fight and the priest falls off of the cliff and the child is saved. There is a montage of the priest and the kids that he taught. He thought that he was saving them from a life of sin. There is some sad music as the priest hits the ground. End of movie.

This was an entertaining movie with some interesting scenes. The one that stands out is the poor woman who gets beaten to death in a graveyard! It is pretty vicious. This was good because I liked wondering who the killer is and everyone was a suspect!I did suspect the priest early on, but it was still great fun. I recommend this to any lovers of Italian horror and to any horror fans in general. You will enjoy it! I will give it a 6/10.


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