Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Haunt Movie Review 454

Haunt is a 2014 horror movie directed by Mac Carter and starring Ione Skye, Harrison Gilbertson and Liana Liberto.

The movie begins with a man called Frank trying to contact his family through an EVP machine.
He tells them that he is sorry. Something attacks him and makes him kill himself. A woman called Janet Morello(Jacki Weaver) is narrating the story of what happened to her family who were killed in a spooky house. A new family is moving in. They are Alan and his wife Emily(Skye) and their children. Evan(Gilbertson) meets a neighbour called Sam(Liberto). She tells him that their house is cursed. It is called the Morello Curse. Evan and Sam try and investigate to see what is going on in the house as strange things happen.

They find the EVP machine and they try and contact the ghost in the house . They hear a voice and they are spooked. Evan's sister becomes a bit strange as the ghost bothers her. Evan and Sam try to burn the machine and then all hell breaks loose. There is some back story on Dr. Morello and the ghost story is explained. Sam gets possessed and kills Evan. She is taken off and Dr. Morello looks at the house and wonders if Evan will be the next ghost to haunt the house. 

This film wasn't very good. I thought that it started okay, but descended into rubbish as it went on. I was not impressed with the story and it irritated me after a while. Some of these films can be boring and derivative. Anyway, I would not really recommend this unless you like crappy movies. I will give it a 3/10.


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