Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 10

This episode begins with The Saviours coming to The Kingdom to get their rations. They act like bullies and piss everyone off, especially Richard. Ezekiel doesn't want any hassle, so he tries to diffuse the situation. Richard is threatened by one of the bullies. Richard gives Daryl a bow and they talk. He wants Ezekiel to fight and he wants Daryl to help him. Richard tells Daryl about Carol and Daryl is amazed to find out that she living close by. Richard plans to use her to get Ezekiel to fight. If she is killed, then he might fight against the Saviours. Daryl tells him that if anything happens to Carol, he will kill him.

Cut to Rick and the others who are surrounded by a group of weirdos. They have a leader, a strange woman and she seems odd. Rick asks her to bring out Gabriel and then they can talk. She brings him out and Rick informs her that the Saviours are in charge and that they run everything. They have loads of supplies and Rick tells her that she can join him and the others in fighting against them and they can share the profits.She doesn't seem interested. She takes Rick up to the top of her junkyard and pushes him off. He falls down and is faced with a monster which is a walker covered in armour. He fights it and wins.

The woman is called Jadis and her group are called the Scavengers and she will help but she wants guns. Rick tells her that he can get them for her. Daryl visits Carol and they have an emotional reunion. They talk about the Saviours, but Daryl doesn't tell her about Abraham and Glenn. He leaves her in her cottage and he heads off for the Hilltop. This was a good episode, introducing some new characters...


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