Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter is a 1984 horror movie sequel directed by Joseph Zito and starring Corey Feldman.

This movie starts from where the last one ended. Jason is taken to the morgue. Of course, he isn't dead and he gets up and starts slashing his way out of the hospital. A group of teens are making their way to Crystal Lake where they have a house for the weekend. They meet the neighbours, Trish(Kimberly Beck) and her little brother, Tommy Jarvis(Feldman). The teens are there for a good time and they invite Trish along to their party. Jason has arrived there and he is making his way through the group. He is out for blood as usual.

Jason kills everyone in the house. Trish and Tommy realise that there is something wrong when they get back to their place and the power is out. Jason has killed their mother. Jason comes for them next.  Trish and Tommy are stuck in the house with him and he chases them.  He catches Trish and is going to kill her. Tommy makes a disguise as he is really good at making monster masks and props. He transforms himself into a young Jason and Jason forgets what he is doing for a moment.Trish attacks him with the machete but she doesn't succeed and his mask falls off, revealing his deformed face. This is just long enough for Tommy to grab a machete and plunge it into Jason's skull. He can't stop and he keeps hacking away at Jason shouting 'die, die'. The movie ends with Tommy being traumatised by what has happened as his sister tries to comfort him.

This was a very entertaining entry in the series. I liked it a lot. It is formulaic, but it works. This movie introduces Tommy Jarvis who was Jason's arch enemy and he starred in three of the sequels.
He was played by three different actors in the parts. Tommy is the only one who actually kills Jason and puts him out of commission (for a while anyway). This was meant to finish up the series, but of course, that didn't last. The Final Chapter was not actually the final chapter! All in all, this was an enjoyable movie and one of the better sequels in the series. I will give it a 6/10.


Susan Leighton said...

I remembered thinking it was going to be the last one but that was foolish on my part. This was fun to see in the theater. People shouting at the screen, really enjoyable. Thanks for the trip back in time with this flick. Good review, Jigs!

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan, I remember seeing this when I was in my teens on video. These movies are great entertainment.I would say that the earlier sequels are better than the later ones. I have seen 9 of them so far. There aren't many more to go!!!

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