Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 13

This episode begins at The Kingdom. Ezekiel and his men meet the Saviours and they hand over their share of produce. There is tension between the two groups. When they are short, the Saviours shoot Benjamin, one of Ezekiel's men. He dies at Carol's house, where they had taken him. Morgan is horrified and doesn't know what to do. He finds the missing produce and he realises that Richard was the one who hid it and he goes back to find him and confront him over it. Richard did it because he wanted to fight The Saviours. Morgan is horrified.

The next day, The Saviours come back for more and Morgan kills Richard in front of them and exposes him as the one who hid the stuff. He tells The Saviours that he knows what will happen if there are any more shortages. Morgan buried Richard and heads off to tell Carol the truth about Negan killing some of the group. She is horrified and Morgan tells her that he is going to fight.
She decides to move into The Kingdom and help them to fight against Negan. Ezekiel relents and agrees so they get ready. Morgan is ready too.

This episode was a bit slow and not very much happened except that Richard and Benjamin died.


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