Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Turkey Shoot Movie Review

Turkey Shoot is a 1982 Australian horror movie directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and starring Olivia Hussey and Steve Railsback.

The movie is set in the future and there is some totalitarian government in existence. A woman called
Chris Walters(Hussey) is taken away by guards when she protests to a man being beaten up. He is part of the resistance so she is taken to a prison camp. Along with her is a man called Paul Anders(Railsback) and a woman called Rita Daniels(Lynda Stoner). Paul is a resistance fighter who has escaped from other prison camps. Rita is a hooker. The prison camp is run by a masochistic guy called Thatcher(Michael Craig). He loves to inflict pain and suffering on the inmates of the prison camp. He has a sidekick called Ritter(Roger Ward) who is another sadist.

Thatcher calls the three new inmates and another two inmates into his office and tells them of a programme that he is running. It is called a turkey shoot. The inmates will be hunted by some of Thatcher's pals and if they are not caught, they can walk free from the prison camp. There are four hunters- Thatcher, VIP guests Jennifer(Carmen Duncan),Mallory(Noel Ferrier) and Tito with a very strange guy/mutant freak. The inmates are released into the bush and they are each followed by the hunters. As some of the inmates are killed, Paul and Chris try and escape.

They manage to kill Mallory, the freak guy, Ritter and Tito. They try to escape and then they realise that the prison camp is on an island and that there will be no escape. They take the digger and go back to the prison camp. They tell everyone to escape and they get guns and shoot the guards. There are reinforcements coming by air. They will bomb the camp and destroy it. Chris gets caught by Jennifer at the camp and they fight but Chris kills her. There is a huge fight between guards and prisoners. Thatcher gets killed in the midst of it all. The planes are on the way to blow up the camp.They do so but the prisoners all manage to avoid getting killed.

This was an entertaining film. I like the premise and it is really good fun! There are some violent scenes, but nothing major really compared to modern horror movies. It was pretty extreme for the times that it was released in but it is not too bad now. I liked the characters and the actors were all good in their parts.It is good if you just park your brain at the door and enjoy the ride! A good, fun film that you are sure to enjoy! I will give it a 6/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Finally! You reviewed something you liked! LOL. Steve Railsback was good in Lifeforce, terrific in the X Files as Duane Barry and he came to prominence playing crazy Charles Manson in the tv adaptation of Helter Skelter. I wonder where he is now?

At least this sounded like an attempt at something original. However, how did they just suddenly find out they were on an island? That would really suck after you go to all that trouble to get out of the prison.

As always, good review.

Amanda said...

Yes, the bad streak is over!! This was great fun with some memorable moments! I liked the cast and it was a great idea. The island thing was hilarious. What the hell? They didn't see the water??Did they not see a boat? Ok, you have to let it go and not think too much about plot etc!!What was going on with that mutant freak guy? Where the hell did they get him/it from? That was weird. What was it? Was it a man or was it some sort of hybrid or what??? If you think about these things, you will give yourself a headache so I just switch off the brain and enjoy!

corpus vile said...

Nice review, Turkey Shoot is one of the most hilariously random flicks I've seen with never a dull moment. Railsback cracked me up in it and it's a film I never tire of revisiting. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks.I liked it a lot.It was totally crazy and strange but I had fun watching it.I liked the premise and for some reason the freak guy made me laugh!!!

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