Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Faculty Movie Review

The Faculty is a 1998 sci fi /horror movie directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Josh Hartnett, Elijah Wood, Robert Patrick and Famke Janssen.

The movie begins with Coach Willis(Patrick) chasing after Principal Drake(Bebe Neuwith) at Herrington High. He and a teacher, Mrs. Olsen(Piper Laurie) chase her and stab her. Cut to the next day and the students are arriving. They are the nerd, Casey(Wood), the cool guy Zeke(Hartnett), new girl Marybeth(Laura Harris),bitch Delilah(Jordana Brewster),athlete Stan(Shawn Hatosy) and weirdo Stokely(Clea DuVall). Casey sees the Coach at school and he is acting really strangely. Casey finds something on the football field and he brings it to  Mr. Furlong(Jon Stewart), the science teacher.

Zeke is selling drugs out of his car at school. A meek teacher, Miss Burke(Janssen) tries to tell him off but he laughs at her. Meanwhile, Mr. Furlong looks at what Casey has found and it turns out to be a sea dwelling creature. He thinks that it is a new species. He puts it in water and it comes to life. It bites the teacher. Casey takes pictures of the Coach. He and Delilah hide and watch the Coach and Mrs. Olsen infect the school nurse played by Salma Hayek. They run away and tell their teachers, but they are all infected too. Casey gets his partner and the cops to come to school to investigate but it backfires on him when there is no evidence of anything amiss. His parents think that he is taking drugs. He looks out of his window and sees the teachers outside. He doesn't want to go to school, but his parents make him.

Delilah meets him there and she tells him that the teachers are after her. Zeke notices that some of the students are acting strangely too. The once meek teacher Miss Burke is now bitchy and confident and she gives Zeke a hard time. Casey tells Stokely about it but she doesn't believe it. The kids all come together and talk about it. Casey tells his pals what has been happening. They go to Mr. Furlong and he has been turned and tries to attack them. Zeke uses his drugs that have been stored inside a pen and stabs him with it. It kills him. It turns out that the alien things don't like the drugs. The group make a plan to get out of the school. They get into Zeke's car and drive away to Zeke's house. He has a drug lab there.

Zeke works out that the drugs dry the creature out and it dies. They squabble as they don't know who is infected. They all have to try the drugs to see. It is Delilah. She escapes. They decide that they need to find the queen and destroy her. They go back to the school. They are chased by the football team who are super strong as they are infected. The creatures come and try and stop them from leaving the school. They kill Principal Drake but she isn't the queen. Zeke needs to get more drugs to kill the aliens.Stan gets infected. Zeke needs to go out to his car and get his drugs. Delilah shows up and tries to infect Casey. Miss Burke tries to get them, but they kill her .

It is revealed that Marybeth is the alien queen. She didn't take the drug earlier so she was not found out. She chases them and tries to kill them. Casey kills her. The movie ends with everyone being back to normal and happy. Everyone was reverted back to their former selves after the creature was killed.
This was a good, fun movie. Think Dawson's Creek with a bit of sci fi and horror thrown in. I liked it a lot and the cast were great. This was more of a teen movie, I think, but that wouldn't put me off at all. I had fun with it and I would certainly recommend it. I will give it a 7/10.


Susan Leighton said...

I do like some teen oriented horror. That was my entire youth in the 80s, lol. I have seen part of this movie & have found it to be pretty decent. Action filled sequences, the type of film that is entertaining.

Amanda said...

Yes, it was good fun. I liked the cast and it was one of those movies that you can just watch and not think too much about! I can't believe that I never watched it over the years. It is one that I had forgotten about!

Sci-Fi Gene said...

I remember this film and can't believe it was almost 20 years ago! This is a loose remake of Bodysnatchers, it's sci-fi in the vein of the Scream movies, with the cast discussing sci-fi culture and movie clich├ęs even as they are happening.

This film featured a stand-out sinister scene where all the teachers are in line for the water dispenser and none of them are drinking coffee.

Amanda said...

It has aged pretty well and it is still entertaining. The cast are so young and it is fun to see a teenage Josh Hartnett and Elijah Wood. It reminds me of the Scream movies and as I said, it is like Dawson's Creek with sci-fi/horror thrown in. Of course, that might have something to do with Kevin Williamson, ha ha!!

GST Impact Analysis said...

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John Nada said...

I was just commenting on Mr. Hartnett's horror filmography today and this movie came up along with H20. Thank you for the review.

Amanda said...

You're welcome John.This is a good movie that I somehow missed along the way!!

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