Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Behind the Mask:The Rise of Leslie Vernon Movie Review

Behind the Mask:The Rise of Leslie Vernon is a 2006 horror movie/mockumentary directed by Scott Glosserman and starring Nathal Baesel, Robert Englund, Angela Goethals, Kate Lang Johnson, Zelda Rubenstein and Scott Wilson.

The movie begins in a place called Glen Echo where killers such as Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger and Michael Myers are real. A man called Leslie Vernon(Baesel) is going to become a killer and he is in a documentary which will show his preparations for the event. A journalist called Taylor Gentry(Goethals) is coming with her crew to visit Leslie and find out all about his venture. He shows them around his house and tells her that he is the spirit of a boy called Leslie Vernon who was drowned years ago because the townspeople thought that he was possessed after he murdered his family. He is training himself for the killings. He takes them on a mission where he chooses his victims. He tells them that the final girl has to be a virgin.

They go to see his victim. He shows them how he is watching her. He shows her his tricks of the trade as he scares her. They go to visit a friend of his called Eugene(Wilson) and he tells Taylor about the old days when he was killing. He says that it was easier then. He is annoyed about the new killers who have ruined everything. He gives Leslie advice about his killing spree. Leslie stalks his intended victim. A psychiatrist called Dr. Halloran(Englund) is after him. He meets Taylor and he warns her about Leslie. He tells her that his real name is Leslie Mancuso. When Vernon finds out about this, he is not happy and he gets nasty. She asks him about Halloran and he says that he treated him in Reno.

Taylor is becoming unhappy about it but she continues on anyway. Leslie leads them through his preparations for the big event. He has everything ready and he wants to ensure that nobody gets away.
He tells her that the teens will inevitably have sex and that is when he will strike. He envisages what the final girl will do and he will be ready for every situation. The night finally arrives and Leslie gets himself ready. The teens show up for a party. Leslie goes to work. Taylor is upset with this as he says goodbye to her and her crew. She tries to talk him out of it but he won't stop. She wants to stop the whole thing. The crew find the final girl, Kelly(Johnson) who is having sex with her boyfriend, so she is not a virgin. Taylor warns the teens that they will be killed. She tells Kelly about Leslie and his plan.

Leslie shows up and he has changed his plan. They try and stop him. He has put them on his kill list too. Taylor realises that it is she who is his intended victim. She is the virgin. Halloran shows up and Leslie attacks him. Leslie and Taylor face off. He tries to choke her but she stabs him and puts his head into the apple press. She kills him and lights the whole place on fire. Halloran is okay and everything seems OK. The movie has end credits which show Vernon's body in the morgue. He isn't dead so he is now one of the immortal killers he idolised.

This movie was fun and unusual. I liked the mockumentary style and references to the great Jason, Freddy and Michael. Kane Hodder showed up as did Zelda Rubenstein and of course, Robert Englund. This is clearly an homage to the slasher movie and that is another reason why I liked it. It was funny in parts, but there were more serious parts too. The movie is entertaining and I enjoyed it. I recommend it. It is definitely worth a watch. I will give it a 7/10.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Burial Ground Movie Review

Burial Ground is a 1981 horror movie directed by Andrea Bianchi and starring Karin Well, Antonella Antinori, Pietro Barzocchini and Mariangela Giordano.

A professor is unearthing ancient ruins near his house. He is looking in caves when he finds something evil. Zombies come to life and they eat him. A group of people arrive at the house to meet the professor. What they meet are a group of zombies who are rising up from the dead.The group consists of George, Janet(Well), Leslie(Antinori), weirdo Michael(Barzocchini) and his mother, Evelyn(Giordano), Mark, James and Nicolas. The group go inside the house to barricade themselves in. The zombies find their way into the house though and when George tries to shoot them, he gets eaten. The zombies are clever and can use weapons. The maid gets killed next. The zombies bang at the front door and pour into the house.

Janet tries to fend them off. The others come to help her and they manage to kill a few. Evelyn grabs a sword and starts chopping them. There is a very weird mother and son moment as Michael tries to touch his mother sexually and she is horrified. Leslie gets bitten and she turns into a zombie. She eats Michael. Evelyn goes mad and she kills Leslie. The professor shows up but he is not one of the zombie horde. The group is thinning out now as they are overrun by zombies. The rest of the group are outside when they spot a monastery. The door is open so they go inside. They see monks, but the monks are all zombies. A horde of monk zombies chase them! They run off and find another place. It is a workshop but the zombies are there too. Michael shows up and his mother hugs him. He eats her breast!!Even as a zombie, he is still a weirdo..The zombies are coming from everywhere and the remaining survivors get surrounded and eaten as the movie ends.

This was a fun movie. The action starts straight away and the zombies keep coming throughout the film. The weird mother and son thing was odd and that guy who played the son was creepy looking. The ending was pretty bleak but good.I thought that overall, the movie was enjoyable and I would recommend it to any fans of Italian horror or zombie movies. I will give this a 6/10.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Twin Peaks,The Return, Episode 14

This episode begins with Gordon, who calls the sheriffs station and talks to Lucy. He talks to Sheriff Truman about the pages from Laura's diary. Albert talks to Tammy about 1975 and agents who were investigating something to do with the Blue Rose cases. Cut to Gordon who is talking to Diane about the  last time that she saw Cooper. He wants to know if Cooper mentioned Major Briggs. She says that he did. He explains to her about Major Briggs and what happened to him. She tells him that her half sister is called Janey E and that she is married to a man called Dougie. She tells Gordon and Albert where they live.m Gordon calls the Las Vegas office to find out more about Dougie Jones.

Gordon tells Albert and Tammy about a dream about Cooper. There is a flashback to Fire Walk With Me where Cooper is telling Gordon about a dream he had. He sees Phillip Jeffries. Bobby, Hawk, Sheriff Truman and Andy go into the woods. All sorts of weird things happen. They find a blind woman, Naido, in the woods. She has been seen before. Andy meets the giant and he sees the two Coopers. He tells the others that they will take the blind woman with them and they lock her in the cells to keep her safe. James chats to his pal, Freddie, who somehow was superhuman strength in his hand and he has also seen the giant.The episode ends with Sarah Palmer in the Roadhouse. Some guy bothers her and she kills him.

This was good episode with some insights into the Blue Rose cases. This show gets better and better.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Friday the 13th Part 8:Jason Takes Manhattan

Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan is a 1989 horror movie sequel directed by Rob Hedden and starring Jensen Daggett, Scott Reeves, Peter Mark Richman and Kane Hodder.

The movie begins with a couple who are on a boat. They are talking about Jason and his story. Jason turns up and gets shocked back to life. The guy on the boat has a hockey mask and he pretends to be Jason. The real Jason comes on board and slaughters them both. Cut to a cruise for students, the SS Lazarus. They are high school students who will be graduating and they are being accompanied by Dr. Charles McCulloch(Richman) and teacher Miss Van Deusen. McCulloch has a niece called Rennie(Daggett) and she comes along. A girl called JJ encounters Jason, who has crept on board for some killing. He disposes of her with her guitar. He works his way through the ship, killing at random.A guy called Sean(Reeves) has to take over the ship when Jason kills the captain and his mate. He calls for help on the radio. Jason messes up the radio so there is no help coming. They are stranded.

The survivors grab weapons and look around the ship for Jason. Jason causes a fire.The survivors find a lifeboat and they row to the shore which is New York City. Jason follows them. They get mugged on the streets and the gang take Rennie with them, but Jason kills them all. She runs off.
She has visions of Jason as a young boy. A boxer tries to fight Jason, but ends up getting his head knocked off! Rennie is having flashbacks of when she was young and her uncle threw her in the lake. She has been afraid of water since. She remembers seeing a child down in the lake. Jason finds Sean and Rennie who share a kiss. He chases them. They jump on the subway and he gets on too.

Sean manages to pull him onto the train track and electrocutes him. He and Rennie run off. Jason is by no means dead and he makes his way to Times Square. He encounters a gang of punks who challenge him but they run off when they see his real face. Rennie and Sean enter the sewers and meet a guy who tells them that toxic waste runs through it at night. Jason kills him.  Rennie runs off. He follows her. She throws toxic waste over him and he takes off his mask, showing his deformed face. Sean and Rennie run away from the toxic waste and they see Jason being swept away in it.
They see a young boy and Jason's mask floating away. The movie ends.

I enjoyed this one. It was unusual in that it felt like two segments. One on the cruise ship and then another in New York. It was what you would expect from these sequels but it was fun.Hodder was good as Jason and the film was entertaining. I know that this is supposed to be one of the worst movies in the series, but I liked it. I will give it a 5/10.

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 13

This episode begins with the Mitchum brothers, who are pretty happy that they have received their payout from the Lucky 7 insurance company and from Dougie.He takes it all in his stride. Dougie is off the hook with the police also. Things are getting better and better for him. Bad Cooper is on the loose and on his way to find his sidekick Ray who shot him. Ray is with some friends of his and he is not too happy to see Cooper. He has a boss called Renzo(Derek Mears) and there is an arm wrestling match to see who is the tougher guy. There is a long battle and Cooper ends up winning the match and attacks Renzo. He takes Ray and gets information about the coordinates etc and then he kills him.
Ray ends up in The Black Lodge.

Sarah Palmer is seen in her house, watching TV and drinking. Nadine meets Dr. Jacoby and there is some sort of connection between the two. Audrey is having problems. She tells her husband Charlie that she can't leave her house. She is confused and there is something seriously wrong with her and their marriage. More familiar faces pop up as Big Ed and Norma are still in love, but they have not got it together. She seems to have another man in her life. The episode ends with James singing his song 'Just You' which he sang in the original series with Donna and Maddy. 

An interesting episode and I liked seeing some familiar faces!! 

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Return of the Living Dead Movie Review

The Return of the Living Dead is a 1985 horror movie directed by Dan O'Bannon and starring Clu Gulager, James Karen and Don Calfa.

The movie begins with a man called Freddy(Thom Mathews) who is working at a warehouse with Frank(Karen). They are dealing with dead bodies. Meanwhile, a group of kids are looking for somewhere to party. They are friends of Freddy's. Frank tells Freddy about a chemical spill that was covered up. The dead bodies were shipped there. He asks Freddy if he wants to see them. Unfortunately, there is a leak in the container with the bodies in it and the toxic gas spills. This affects the dead bodies and they reanimate. Freddy and Frank are knocked out by the gas. When they wake up and see what has happened, they have to get their boss, Burt(Gulager) to come and help them. He comes and decides that the reanimated corpse needs to be destroyed immediately.

The men try and kill the thing. They cut off its head but it still runs around the place. They decide to get acid and really destroy it. They bring it over to the mortuary and ask the mortician to burn it in the crematorium. Ernie(Calfa), the mortician doesn't want to do it as it seems unusual. They show him the body and he decides to help them. He burns it and the smoke goes out of his chimney and into the air where it mixes with rain and falls on the ground. Freddy and Frank get sick. They thinks that it is because of the toxic gas. Meanwhile, the group of kids are hanging around the place and they see another reanimated corpse. It wants brains.

The paramedics arrive to help Freddy, who is very ill. He has no pulse. The dead are rising. The paramedics say that Freddy is dead, but somehow he is still alive. They get killed by the dead. Freddy is turning into one of them. Some of the kids get killed by the dead but some of them go to the mortuary to keep safe. This doesn't work though and people are getting chomped all over the place.
The cops come, but the zombies overpower hem and they are killed. Burt sees a telephone number on one of the drums that contained the bodies and he calls it. It gets him through to Colonel Glover, who has been looking for those dangerous bodies. He finds out what has happened and he gives the order to destroy the whole thing with a bomb. It blows everything up so there are no survivors. The movie ends with Glover saying that loads of people died but that there is no truth in the rumour that there is an acid rain falling. It is true, however, and the dead are coming back again...

This is a fun movie. I can see why so many people like it. It is pure zombie fun with some good scenes. I enjoyed watching it and I liked the premise. The music was good too. I have yet to watch the sequels but I am looking forward to them. If you are looking for a horror comedy which is entertaining, then this is for you. I will give it a 7/10.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Happy Death Day Movie Review

Happy Death Day is a 2017 horror movie directed by Christopher B Landon and starring Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard and Ruby Modine.

A girl called Tree(Rothe) wakes up in a college dorm room. A guy called Carter(Broussard) is there. It is implied that they slept together. She leaves and meets a guy called Tim who tries to talk to her but she won't give him the time of day. She is not a very nice person. She is having an affair with her college professor. She is walking alone at night when she sees a man in a mask looking at her. He follows her and he stabs her. She wakes up in the college dorm room again and the same events happen. She ends up getting murdered again. She wakes up once more and she is upset. She goes back to her room and her roommate Lori(Modine) asks her what is wrong. Tree tells her that she has lived through the day twice. She tells Lori that she knows what will happen. Lori doesn't understand what she is talking about.

She gets murdered again and she wakes up in the dorm room. She tells Carter what has been happening and he thinks that it has something to do with her birthday which it is. He thinks that the killer knows that it is her birthday. He tells her that he didn't sleep with her. She tries to investigate her own murder. She passes out after waking up the next time. She ends up in hospital. The doctor shows her her x rays and says that she has massive trauma to her body. She leaves the hospital but the killer is on her trail and he kills her once more. She wakes up again and she tells Carter about it. She tells him that she shared her birthday with her mother who has died. She sees a news report about a killer John Tombs who is the the hospital. She thinks that he might be responsible and she knows that he will escape from custody.

They go to the hospital and Tombs is escaping. She tries to stop it. He sees her and shoots at her.
 Carter tries to help her and tries to stop Tombs. He gets killed. Tree gets a chance to kill Tombs but she realises that if she ends the time loop then she can't go back and save Carter so she has to kill herself and start the new time loop. She ends up coming back once again and she tries to be a better person this time around. She apologises to those that she has hurt and she mends her relationship with her dad. She also kisses Carter. She goes to the hospital to tell the cops that Tombs will escape and she tells them to get help. She goes into the hospital room where Tombs but he escapes and attacks her. She shoots him dead. She thinks that that is the end of it. If you don't want to know how it ends, stop reading now.

Tree and Carter celebrate her birthday and the next day, she wakes up in the same day again. She goes back to her room and her roommate offers her a cupcake for her birthday. She realises that she ate the cupcake once and she died. She discovers that Lori has been trying to kill her because she stole her guy. She was going to frame Tombs for Tree's death. The two girls fight and Tree kills her. This puts an end to the time loop and Carter and Tree end up together.

This movie was just bad. It was silly and I did not like the lead actress at all. It is a teen movie, I suppose but it was still bad. I thought that the idea could have been done better. It was a pretty okay premise which could have had some promise if it had been handled better. So, all in all, this movie is not one for serious horror lovers. There is no gore and no scares and it is just a tame teen horror movie which is devoid of any terror. I will give it a 3/10 which is being kind.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Curse of the Puppet Master Movie Review

Curse of the Puppet Master is a 1998 horror movie and the sixth movie in the series. It is directed by David DeCoteau and stars George Peck,Emily Harrison and Josh Green.

This movie begins with a man burning a puppet in the woods. Cut to Robert aka Tank who works at a gas station. He is being bullied by Joey, the local creep. A girl called Jane(Harrison) and her father Dr. Magrew(Peck) go there and they see this. Jane tells Joey to leave Tank alone. Magrew sees wooden statues that Robert has carved and he is impressed. He asks him to come and work for him.
Magrew runs a puppet show and he wants Robert to help him and make puppets. Robert sees the puppets that Magrew has in his show and he wonders how they operate without strings.  They are Toulon's puppets and they are special.

Magrew tells Robert that he got the puppets at an auction. He wants to make a special puppet and he wants Robert to carve it for him.  Robert agrees.The cops show up looking for Matt.Magrew says that he hasn't seen him. The cops don't believe him. Matt was his assistant, but he had to leave when his dad became ill.Robert starts work on the puppet and he becomes a bit obsessed with making it. Magrew tells him to put his soul into it. Robert has nightmares about turning into a puppet. Jane and Robert discover the burnt puppet. Thre is an altercation with Joey and his pals and Robert almost hurts him. Joey shows up at his house. Pinhead attacks him. He attacks him back and breaks him. He runs off when Magrew and Robert show up. Magrew sends Blade and Tunneler to kill him, which they do.

Robert fixes Pinhead. He and Jane kiss and he stays in her room. Her dad sees it and he is not happy.
He gets Jane to run an errand for him so she is out of his way. Robert is not well. The cops come sniffing around and the puppets take care of them. Jane realises that her father has sent her on a wild goose chase. She wonders what her father is up to. She goes back tot he spot where she and Rbert saw the burnt puppet and it speaks to her in Matt's voice. She realises that her dad turned Matt into a puppet and then burned him. She rushes back to save Robert but Magrew has already turned Robert into a puppet called Tank. The puppets get mad as they see that he killed Robert and they turn on him. They almost kill him. Jane comes back and sees this. Tank uses his power to kill Magrew as Jane looks on and screams.

This was an okay sequel. I didn't love it or hate it. I found that it was not as good as some of the others, but it was enjoyable all the same. This reignited the series but I have to say that it was pretty weak in my opinion. I liked the puppets, as always and I liked parts of the movie but it was a bit duller than the others. All in all, it is worth a look if you enjoy the Puppet Master movies. It is not the worst sequel, but I would say that it is not one of the best either. That's why this one gets a middle of the road score of 5/10.

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