Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Happy Death Day Movie Review

Happy Death Day is a 2017 horror movie directed by Christopher B Landon and starring Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard and Ruby Modine.

A girl called Tree(Rothe) wakes up in a college dorm room. A guy called Carter(Broussard) is there. It is implied that they slept together. She leaves and meets a guy called Tim who tries to talk to her but she won't give him the time of day. She is not a very nice person. She is having an affair with her college professor. She is walking alone at night when she sees a man in a mask looking at her. He follows her and he stabs her. She wakes up in the college dorm room again and the same events happen. She ends up getting murdered again. She wakes up once more and she is upset. She goes back to her room and her roommate Lori(Modine) asks her what is wrong. Tree tells her that she has lived through the day twice. She tells Lori that she knows what will happen. Lori doesn't understand what she is talking about.

She gets murdered again and she wakes up in the dorm room. She tells Carter what has been happening and he thinks that it has something to do with her birthday which it is. He thinks that the killer knows that it is her birthday. He tells her that he didn't sleep with her. She tries to investigate her own murder. She passes out after waking up the next time. She ends up in hospital. The doctor shows her her x rays and says that she has massive trauma to her body. She leaves the hospital but the killer is on her trail and he kills her once more. She wakes up again and she tells Carter about it. She tells him that she shared her birthday with her mother who has died. She sees a news report about a killer John Tombs who is the the hospital. She thinks that he might be responsible and she knows that he will escape from custody.

They go to the hospital and Tombs is escaping. She tries to stop it. He sees her and shoots at her.
 Carter tries to help her and tries to stop Tombs. He gets killed. Tree gets a chance to kill Tombs but she realises that if she ends the time loop then she can't go back and save Carter so she has to kill herself and start the new time loop. She ends up coming back once again and she tries to be a better person this time around. She apologises to those that she has hurt and she mends her relationship with her dad. She also kisses Carter. She goes to the hospital to tell the cops that Tombs will escape and she tells them to get help. She goes into the hospital room where Tombs but he escapes and attacks her. She shoots him dead. She thinks that that is the end of it. If you don't want to know how it ends, stop reading now.

Tree and Carter celebrate her birthday and the next day, she wakes up in the same day again. She goes back to her room and her roommate offers her a cupcake for her birthday. She realises that she ate the cupcake once and she died. She discovers that Lori has been trying to kill her because she stole her guy. She was going to frame Tombs for Tree's death. The two girls fight and Tree kills her. This puts an end to the time loop and Carter and Tree end up together.

This movie was just bad. It was silly and I did not like the lead actress at all. It is a teen movie, I suppose but it was still bad. I thought that the idea could have been done better. It was a pretty okay premise which could have had some promise if it had been handled better. So, all in all, this movie is not one for serious horror lovers. There is no gore and no scares and it is just a tame teen horror movie which is devoid of any terror. I will give it a 3/10 which is being kind.


Susan Leighton said...

Nice review, Jigs! This film holds limited appeal for me for exactly the same reasons as you.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan. This was boring, teen crap. I knew that it wouldn't be great, but I was surprised at how bad it was. Avoid.

Unknown said...

Thanks Jig, good review! I never got a chance to see this movie, but wanted to. Now, not sure if I want to lol. Thanks for the review.

MHS Josh said...

Good review. I didn't read it all, but will circle back after I see it!

Amanda said...

Thanks!!It might be best to avoid it. It wasn't great and there were no scares in it!!

Amanda said...

Thanks Josh. I didn't like it but see what you think of it!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't have much desire to see this one, and after reading this I'll avoid it. I've read other reviews that feel the same way as you do about it. Just nothing there.

Amanda said...

Yes it was just dull with littme in the way of scares or tension.Silly movie.

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