Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Friday the 13th Part 8:Jason Takes Manhattan

Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan is a 1989 horror movie sequel directed by Rob Hedden and starring Jensen Daggett, Scott Reeves, Peter Mark Richman and Kane Hodder.

The movie begins with a couple who are on a boat. They are talking about Jason and his story. Jason turns up and gets shocked back to life. The guy on the boat has a hockey mask and he pretends to be Jason. The real Jason comes on board and slaughters them both. Cut to a cruise for students, the SS Lazarus. They are high school students who will be graduating and they are being accompanied by Dr. Charles McCulloch(Richman) and teacher Miss Van Deusen. McCulloch has a niece called Rennie(Daggett) and she comes along. A girl called JJ encounters Jason, who has crept on board for some killing. He disposes of her with her guitar. He works his way through the ship, killing at random.A guy called Sean(Reeves) has to take over the ship when Jason kills the captain and his mate. He calls for help on the radio. Jason messes up the radio so there is no help coming. They are stranded.

The survivors grab weapons and look around the ship for Jason. Jason causes a fire.The survivors find a lifeboat and they row to the shore which is New York City. Jason follows them. They get mugged on the streets and the gang take Rennie with them, but Jason kills them all. She runs off.
She has visions of Jason as a young boy. A boxer tries to fight Jason, but ends up getting his head knocked off! Rennie is having flashbacks of when she was young and her uncle threw her in the lake. She has been afraid of water since. She remembers seeing a child down in the lake. Jason finds Sean and Rennie who share a kiss. He chases them. They jump on the subway and he gets on too.

Sean manages to pull him onto the train track and electrocutes him. He and Rennie run off. Jason is by no means dead and he makes his way to Times Square. He encounters a gang of punks who challenge him but they run off when they see his real face. Rennie and Sean enter the sewers and meet a guy who tells them that toxic waste runs through it at night. Jason kills him.  Rennie runs off. He follows her. She throws toxic waste over him and he takes off his mask, showing his deformed face. Sean and Rennie run away from the toxic waste and they see Jason being swept away in it.
They see a young boy and Jason's mask floating away. The movie ends.

I enjoyed this one. It was unusual in that it felt like two segments. One on the cruise ship and then another in New York. It was what you would expect from these sequels but it was fun.Hodder was good as Jason and the film was entertaining. I know that this is supposed to be one of the worst movies in the series, but I liked it. I will give it a 5/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Good review, Jigs. Thorough look at a pic that few like.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan. I did enjoy it and I had heard bad things about it. It was fun, though.

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