Thursday, March 29, 2018

Shocker Movie Review

Shocker is a 1989 horror movie directed by Wes Craven and starring Michael Murphy, Peter Berg and Mitch Pileggi.

A serial killer called Horace Pinker(Pileggi) is on the loose in Los Angeles. He has killed loads of people and the detective in charge of the case is called Don Parker(Murphy). He is on the trail of Pinker when Pinker kills his family. He doesn't kill his foster son, Jonathan(Berg). Jonathan tells his father that he saw the killer in his dreams. He tells him that he saw the killer's name on his van. He is a television repair man. His name is Pinker. He leads his dad to Pinker's home and they try to get him, but he escapes. Pinker is mad at Jonathan, so he murders his girlfriend, Alison, in revenge. Jonathan has another dream and he leads the cops to find Pinker, who is just going to kill someone. Pinker tries to get Jonathan, but the cops arrest him. He is arrested and sentenced to death.

Before he is taken to the electric chair, he performs some sort of ritual and makes a deal with the devil. He tells Jonathan that he is his real father and that Jonathan shot him in the knee because he tried to kill his mother when he was a child. He is electrocuted but he turns into some sort of spirit and can possess bodies. He escapes the prison and goes into a doctor and then a cop. Jonathan is unsafe and he sees Alison who tells him that he needs to stop Pinker. She hands him a necklace that will help him to defeat Pinker.

Pinker jumps into Jonathan's football coach and he tries to kill Jonathan. Alison and Jonathan try and get the coach to fight Pinker, but he can't. He kills himself. Pinker jumps into Don but Don manages to get him out and Pinker ends up inside the TV. Jonathan gets his pals to go to the power station to shut off the power and this will stop Pinker. Jonathan succeeds in trapping Pinker in a TV and the power shuts off, leaving Pinker stuck. Jonathan and Alison rejoice.

This was a pretty good movie. It isn't as good as some of Craven's other movies, but I liked it. The idea of the killer jumping from person to person was good and I liked Pileggi as the sadistic killer.It is worth a look if you are a fan of Craven, as I am. All in all, this is an entertaining horror movie which I recommend. I will give it a 6/10.


Tony Briley said...

And old Wes Craven one. I agree, it's not as good as some/many of the others of his, but this one holds it's own. Especially for it's age.

Amanda said...

Yes, it was pretty decent. I wouldn't love it as much as Nightmare On Elm Street or Scream, but it is a fun movie all the same. Thanks for commenting!!

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