Sunday, March 11, 2018

Stagefright Movie Review

Stagefright is a 1987 horror movie directed by Michele Soavi and starring Barbara Cupisti, and David Brandon.

The movie begins with a woman being murdered on the street. It turns out that this isn't real. It is a play. The director is Peter(Brandon) and he is not happy with his performers. One of them, Alicia(Cupisti) hurts her ankle and is taken by her friend, Betty, to a hospital. It turns out to be a psychiatric hospital. They talk to the doctor. In one of the cells, a killer called Irving Wallace, is being held. He was an actor, but he went insane and killed people. He escapes from custody and hides in Betty's car. Alicia gets fired because she left the theatre. Betty gets murdered by Wallace. Alicia finds her dead body outside and she runs back in to tell everyone. The police come. Peter wants to use the murder to promote his play. He tells the cast that they need to keep going with the play. He tells Alicia to come back. He decides to put the character of Wallace into the play.

One of the actresses, Lauren, hears a noise in the wardrobe room. She is nervous. Someone is in there. She thinks that it was an actor called Brett, but it wasn't. He is looking for his Owl costume, but he can't find it. The killer has it. He shows up on stage and people think that it is Brett. Alicia discovers that they are locked into the theatre. The killer murders one of the performers for real on stage as the others watch, thinking that it is fake. Wallace turns off the lights. The cast search for torches. Another actor gets killed by Wallace. The group search for a key to get out of the theatre.
More of the group get killed by Wallace. They go to the workshop to find weapons. The killer is prowling around.

Peter dies and Alicia is left alone in the theatre with the killer. The cops don't see anything as they are sitting outside in their car. Alicia looks for the key and she finds a gun. The killer arranges all of the dead bodies on the stage, She sees that he has left the key on stage. She climbs under the stage and tries to get it. Wallace hears her and tries to kill her. She manages to hurt him. She uses the key but can't open the door. There is a chase scene as Wallace tries to get Alicia. She manages to set him of fire and she gets out of the theatre. The cops come and the press come. Alicia goes back inside to look for her watch and she finds it broken on the floor. The caretaker comes in with her. The killer comes for her again and the caretaker shoots him dead. Or does he?

I really liked this slasher movie. The setting of the theatre was fun and the whole movie was just entertaining. I like these kinds of films and I enjoyed this. There isn't too much to it and you get the idea straight away, but it is just enjoyable throughout. I recommend this as it is a good horror movie and the cast are pretty good. This is directed by Michele Soavi who also directed The Sect. I prefer this movie, to be honest. I will give it a 6/10.


Midnight Gore said...

Thanks for the good review Jig. The movie sounds interesting. I am going to check and see if my friend has a copy it. Thanks Jig.

Amanda said...

You're welcome!!It's a decent slasher if you can get it!

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