Monday, June 4, 2018

Puppet Master:The Legacy Movie Review

Puppet Master:The Legacy is a 2003 horror movie and the eight installment in the Puppet Master series. It is directed by Charles Band and it stars Kate Orsini and Jacob Witkin.

The movie begins with a woman called Maclain(Orsini) who is searching for Toulon's secret. She is in the Bodega Bay Inn and she looks around. She finds a man called Eric Weiss (Witkin) who has been in the basement with the puppets. She pulls a gun on him and demands information about Toulon and the formula. He has a tapes with him and he plays her one of Toulon. Toulon explains about the origin of the secret. Maclain is impatient. She wants the formula and she will kill him to get it. We discover that Eric is actually Peter Heinz who was in Puppet Master 3:Toulon's Revenge.

There are plenty recaps from the previous Puppet Master movies which explain the story of the the puppets. Maclain shoots Eric in the knee and he tells her that Toulon was not an evil man. He just used his puppets to kill those who deserved to die. There are more recaps. We find out that Maclain killed Rick because he would not give her Toulon's diary. She took the diary but she needs the formula. The puppets and Eric manage to attack her and she is close to death. She tells Eric that Toulon had performed an experiment with transferring souls into the puppets. She wanted the formula so she could find out how to destroy the puppets. She tells Eric that all of the Puppet Masters have created bad puppets who have souls inside them, wanting revenge on the Puppet Master. Eric is now the Puppet Master. The bad puppets show up and Eric and the good puppets get ready for battle.

This was a weak entry in the Puppet Master series. It was really just a recap of what has happened in the previous movies and it adds very little to the story of the puppets. It seemed like a waste of a movie opportunity. It is really just clips of the other films mixed in with a story about a woman who wants the formula. If you missed this entry, you would not lose any important plot development. You could give this one a miss. I will be kind and give it a 4/10.


Tony Briley said...

I never could get completely into the puppet master movies. I don’t think I saw this one at all, and sounds by your review I didn’t miss anything.

Amanda said...

I liked the other ones, but this one was a dud! It was the weakest in the franchise. You wouldn't miss anything if you never watched this!!

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