Saturday, November 13, 2021

The Reef Movie Review

Trailer here.

The Reef is a 2010 Australian horror movie directed by Andrew Traucki and starring Damian Walshe-Howling, Gyton Grantley, Adrienne Pickering and Zoe Naylor.

The movie begins with a man called Luke(Howling) who is delivering a yacht to Indonesia. He meets his friend, Matt(Grantley) and asks him to come along. Matt brings his girlfriend, Suzie(Pickering) and his sister Kate(Naylor). The guy who is going to sail the boat with Luke is called Warren(Kieran Darcy- Smith). Their boat gets hit by the reef underneath and starts to sink. It capsizes eventually. They sit on top of it and decide what they are going to do next. Luke knows that they can't stay there. Warren knows that there are sharks in the waters around them. Luke decides that they should try and swim for a nearby island. Warren isn't keen on getting into the water. Luke dives under the boat to get some stuff that might help them. The others start shouting when they seem movement in the water. Luke gathers his stuff and gets out.

Luke informs the group that they are going to swim for it. Kate doesn't want to go. Warren won't go either. They are going to stay behind on the boat.  Kate changes her mind and they all leave Warren sitting on top of the capsized yacht. There is something in the water with them, They find a dead turtle floating. Suzie gets very scared. Warren spots something in the water. Suzie starts to panic and Luke sees the shark. They are all very scared and then Matt gets taken. His leg is bitten off and he dies. They have to leave him in the water. They know that the shark will return. The next day, they are still floating in the water. Kate spies the island in the distance. They head towards it, keeping an eye out for the shark. Suzie is next to become shark bait. Luke and Kate see a reef and they swim for it. Kate gets onto the reef but Luke isn't so lucky. The shark comes for him. Kate is rescued.

I enjoyed this shark movie. It is like others that I have watched, but I still liked it. It isn't particularly original but there is enough happening to keep you interested. I think that if you enjoy the shark films, this will be right up your street. I had fun with it and I didn't take it too seriously.  If that sounds good, then have a look at this one. I will give it a 6/10 because I enjoyed it.


Tony Briley said...

I've seen this one and enjoyed it too, as I do most movies I've watched out of Australia. Almost can't believe it's been nearly ten years since These Final Hours was released. That's still one of my favorites and I watch it occasionally. For shark movies I thought this was fun and entertaining too. Good review and a fair score for shark movie lovers.

Unknown said...

I need to see that movie!I am also a fan of Australian horror movies and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who enjoyed this film. Sometimes it's good to switch off the brain and just enjoy a film like this one..

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