Saturday, January 8, 2022

Black Water Movie Review

Trailer here.

Black Water is a 2007 Australian horror movie directed by David Nerlich and Andrew Traucki and starring Maeve Dermody, Diana Glenn and Andy Rodoreda.

Three people, Lee(Dermody), Grace(Glenn) and Adam(Rodoreda) go to a crocodile park in Northern Australia. They decide to go on an alternative tour. Grace is pregnant. They go on the tour with a man called Jim. They start fishing in the river when Adam catches something heavy on his line. Their boat capsizes and Lee and Adam have to climb up a tree. There is a crocodile in the river. It shakes the boat and Adam creates a diversion. They spot a rope dangling from the boat. Lee gets it and she throws it over to Adam. Adam and Grace try to pull the boat back into the right position but they can't. Lee tries to swim over to it but she hurts her ankle. They assume that Jim is dead. They wonder what to do next.

Adam tells them that they really need the boat to escape. There are ripples in the water...Who or what could it be?? Grace decides to see if they can get away by climbing from tree to tree. It isn't possible. They wait to be rescued, but there is nobody coming, Adam wants to try and swim over to the boat and turn it over so they can leave. He tries it but it is caught on a log. He goes underneath the boat and it does flip over but Adam meets the killer croc. It is a giant. It has Adam as a snack and the two girls are left alone. The girls try to get to the boat, but the killer croc is circling them. Grace gets bitten by it.
 They have to go back to the trees to safety. Lee bandages Grace's wound. She hears a boat coming and she screams for help, to no avail.

Lee has no choice but to get into the water and get to the boat. She manages to get into it and start it, but the killer croc follows her and attacks. She wakes up on land. Her fingers are broken and she has been bitten in the side. She finds the remains of Jim. She grabs his gun and she cleans the mud from it. She decides to lure ol' croc and shoot it in the head. It doesn't work. It isn't as dumb as it looks. It attacks her and she manages to get the gun into its mouth and pull the trigger. She blows its head off and she goes back to get Grace. Grace has died from her wound.  Lee drags her into the boat and she rows away.

There was some good croc action in this one. I always enjoy these kind of films because you know what you are going to get and crocodiles can be scary! Australia has so many predators- killer pigs, spiders, snakes, crocs etc etc. It does make for fun films though! The ending was a bit of a downer, but it doesn't ruin the film or anything. I am giving this a 6/10 because I did find this movie entertaining and I thought it was good fun.


Tony Briley said...

Good review! I enjoyed this movie too, there's something so creepy about crocodiles and they can scary. I guess because they are living dinosaurs in a way. And Australia puts out some good movies and I find I enjoy them as much and maybe even more than the stuff Hollywood has churned out for the last several years.

Unknown said...

Thanks!I agree Australia does put out some good movies, just look at Wolf Creek! I've enjoyed a lot of Australian horror over the years and these crocodile films are fun. I think Rogue was another good one...

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