Saturday, June 11, 2022

Giallo In Venice Movie Review

Giallo In Venice is a 1979 giallo movie directed by Mario Landi and starring Leonora Fani, Jeff Blynn and Gianni Dei.

The film begins with two dead bodies. Inspector De Paul(Blynn)  is on the case. His sidekick Maestrin is asking questions. The police think  that it could be drug related. De Paul pays a visit to a woman called Marzia. She tells him about the couple that were killed. She tells him that the husband Fabio has unusual sexual demands and his wife Flavia wasn't into it like he was. We get a picture of what their sex life was like. Marzia meets a man and she tells him about the police. His name is Marco. Maestrin is following her. Marco tells Marzia to get rid of photographs that she has. Another man is watching her too. Marco tells Marzia to leave Venice. Marco is a criminal. A prostitute is murdered by the same killer. De Paul brings in Marzia and Marco for questioning.

It turns out that the prostitute was at an orgy along with Flavia and Fabio.  He asks Marzia and Marco about it. There is some sort of connection. A woman goes to see De Paul and she tells him about a man named Bruno who knew Flavia. He is an artist and he used to date her. He is still in love with her. She trusted him as a friend. Bruno urged her to leave Fabio. He offered to kill Fabio so she could be free. Cut to Marco and Marzia who are having sex. They are being watched by the killer. He waits until Marco leaves and he kills him. He breaks into Marzia's next. He attacks her and he ties her to the kitchen table and in a graphic scene, he saws off her leg. Her housekeeper finds her in the fridge.

A man called Andrea is the owner of the gun that shot Marco. The cops pay him a visit and he admits to the killings of the prostitute, Marco and Marzia, but he denies killing Fabio and Flavia. The cops visit Bruno again. He tells them that Flavia went back to Fabio and that she was happy. De Paul isn't satisfied. We see that Flavia was upset by Fabio's sexual demands and that they fought about it. Fabio tells her that he will get some help. He tells her that she has to do something first. He sends her down to some sailors who rape her while he watches. It turns out that after this, Flavia snapped and she killed Fabio and then she jumped into the river. Bruno saw it and he tried to save her. He carried her out but it was too late. End of story.

This was an interesting film, but there were loads of flashbacks, which could be annoying. Some parts were better than others. The plot was a bit so so. The leg cutting scene was very graphic so it isn't for the faint hearted. Plus there were too many sex scenes in it for my liking. I'm not a prude, but I didn't want to see so much of it. Overall, this is an interesting watch and is one for fans of giallo movies only. I'm not sure if the casual horror viewer would enjoy this. I will give it a 5/10.


Tony Briley said...

I've not seen this one and will give it a skip, so thanks for the review. Like you said about yourself, I'm not a prude either and a sex scene and nudity, when in context with the plot or a a scene, doesn't bother me. But nothing is more disappointing when a movie tries to keep interest by overusing them to make up for a thin plot or bad acting. Thanks for the warning.

Amanda said...

No problem! I think that this isn't a film for everyone and I watched it because it was on my watchlist. I don't know if I would watch it again. There wasn't enough in it for me.

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