Sunday, September 18, 2022

Terror on Tour Movie Review

Trailer here.

Terror on Tour is a 1980 horror movie directed by Don Edmonds and starring Larry Thomas.

The film revolves around a KISS style rock group who are known for their antics onstage.
They paint their faces and they are very wild. A woman is killed at one of their shows by someone who is dressed like a member of the band. The police come to investigate. The band members don't seem to worry about it and they continue to party and do the same things as they always do. The killer has a big knife and he is wandering around backstage. Two more girls meet their deaths at his hands. The police come back and they think that a member of the group is the killer. Tim(Thomas) is the band's manager and he tries to get the police off their backs.

The police decide to send in a girl to mix with the band and to draw out the killer. A guy called Herb is the make up artist for the group. He dresses up as a member of the group. He seems dodgy. Then there is Jeff who is a roadie. He is also a suspect. Jeff gets fired and he isn't happy about it. More girls die and the band have to take it seriously. They talk to each other and they trust that it isn't one of them. The undercover girl ends up meeting the killer, but he doesn't get her. She runs off. He chases her and she hides from him. The lieutenant who is investigating the case is backstage looking for the killer. He finds him but unfortunately, the killer stabs him.

The undercover girl emerges, thinking that she can escape, but the killer is after her. She manages to find the lieutenant who is in a bad way. She takes his gun and looks for the exit. The killer catches and stabs her. The killer is revealed to be Jeff. Herb sees him and Jeff explains that he had to kill the girls as they were whores and sluts. They had no morals. He comes for Herb next. Herb runs onto the stage where the band are playing. They stop playing. Jeff jumps at Herb and he stabs him. The movie ends with Jeff shouting 'No' at the crowd.

I think that this could have been an entertaining film, but it just wasn't. I didn't like it much. It was a bit boring, bland and too cheaply made. I couldn't tell one character from the other and I was just tired of it by the time it ended. It is a shame as I did like the premise. It just had bad actors and the story was not as good as it could have been. It is worth a look if you are a fan of 80's slashers, but you have been warned. I will give it a 3/10.


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