Saturday, January 21, 2023

Edge of the Axe Movie Review

Trailer here.

Edge of the Axe is a 1989 horror movie directed by Jose Ramon and starring Barton Faulks and Christina Marie Lane.

The film opens with a woman being killed at the carwash. Cut to a woman who is alone in her house. She has a farm with pigs. She finds a pigs head in her bed. Her husband goes to the Sheriff about it but he isn't interested. A man called Gerald(Faulks) and Richard(Page Moseley), an exterminator,are going to investigate a bad smell coming from the cellar in a bar. They go down and they find the remains of a local woman. The cops come and take her away. The Sheriff doesn't seem too worried about it. He says that Paddock is a quiet town. Gerald meets a girl called Lillian(Lane) and she likes computers, just like Gerald. A local woman is murdered and her body is found on train tracks. The Sheriff thinks that it was an accident at first. He asks questions around town and he talks to a man called Broderick who slept with the dead woman.

Gerald gives Lillian his computer. Another woman meets her end. Gerald has a list of the murdered women on his computer. The lady who has a pig farm gets killed and one her pig's heads is put in her bed. Richard is with a woman called Susan on the lake when they discover a severed head. The killer is after another local woman and the Sheriff has no clues. Lillian tells Gerald about a cousin of hers called Charlie. She pushed him off a swing when they were children and he was brain damaged afterwards.
He ended up in a mental institution but he was released. Lillian worries that he will come and get revenge on her. She looks for information on him. She wonders if he might be the one killing women in Paddock.

Richard's wife, Laura, is the next to meet the killer. Lillian is home alone and she hears noises. It turns out that Gerald is there. She accuses him of being the killer. He turns it around and says that she is the one who was hit on the head as a child and who was in a psychiatric hospital. She denies it and the two end up fighting. She has an axe and she tries to kill him. he chases her and they run outside where the cops are pulling up. They see Gerald chasing her and they shoot him dead. Lillian makes out that she is a victim and they believe her. They pin the murders on Gerald as Lillian smiles...

This was an entertaining film. It wasn't as good as I had hoped but there were some good moments.
I thought that it would be better. There are some twists and turns but the ending wasn't great. I liked it but it is a middle of the road slasher, in my opinion. I will give it a 5/10.


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