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Amityville: Mt. Misery Road Movie Review

Trailer here.

Amityville: Mt. Misery Road is a 2018 horror film directed by Chuck Morrongiello and Karolina Morrongiello. It also stars the same two people.

Charlie(Chuck Morrongiello) and his girlfriend Buzi(Karolina Morrongiello) are ghost hunters.
They find out about a place called Mount Misery Road which is said to be haunted. They decide to go to the area to film it and maybe see something supernatural. They talk to some locals about it.  A man called Kurt tells them about Mount Misery Road. He says that the name came from the original settlers. He says that strange things have been seen. A creature with red eyes has been spotted. He tells them that in the 1840's, there was an asylum near there and a patient called Mary started a fire and killed everyone in the asylum. Ten years later, another asylum was built and that burned down too. There were bodies found there and a hellhound is said to roam the woods. Kurt has researched it. He warns them to stay away. He tells them that people have disappeared up there. It is cursed.

Charlie and Buzi are not deterred by the warning and they meet with a local historian called Mike. They fly to Long Island to meet him. He also warns them about the haunted road . He tells them that they shouldn't go up there. He doesn't want any more deaths. He tells them that it is too dangerous. Charlie wants to go anyway. Of course, they decide to go anyway. They look for the asylum spot. They find a black cross. They find foundations of some old building and they think that it is the asylum. Buzi gets spooked and she wants to leave, but Charlie won't.  They get lost and Charlie disappears. Buzi is hysterical.

It gets dark and she is alone in the middle of the haunted road. Something runs after her and her camera falls. A guy walking in the woods finds her camera. Just then, Buzi jumps out but she is possessed or something. What can I say about this film? It's pretty bad. It is really cheap and there are a handful of actors. It is found footage style and really, not much happens. The acting is awful. This has zero to do with Amityville. The characters are paper thin and there is nothing much to scare you. It could have been a lot better. A haunted road sounds interesting, but tacking the Amityville name on to it and trying to pass it off as one of those films is just ridiculous. It isn't an Amityville movie at all. I was deceived by a cool cover yet again! This is getting a 2/10. Avoid- unless you are like me and you have to watch every movie with Amityville in the title!


Tony Briley said...

Thanks for reviewing this one and giving your opinion. As an Amityville fan I was considering watching this one and now I'll avoid it. It sounds dreadful and I hate when the name of a loved franchise is used as bait and has nothing to do with the original or the world that it created.

Amanda said...

yes, it isn't worth your time. It's best to avoid it.

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