Saturday, June 15, 2024

Mark of the Witch Movie Review

Trailer here.

Mark of the Witch is a 1970 horror movie directed by Tom Moore and starring Robert Elston, Anitra Walsh and Darryl Wells.

The film begins with a witch, who is being hanged. She curses everyone who is there. She says that they sold their souls to the Devil and she says that they are in a coven. Cut to three hundred years later and a college student called Jill(Walsh) is studying witchcraft. She is going to a party hosted by Mac(Elston), her professor. He is also interested in the subject of witchcraft. Jill brings a book to the party. She tells her pals that the book has spells in it. She tells them that there is a spell that they can do. They give it a try and afterwards, Jill is odd. She has been possessed.

Jill talks to Mac and tells him that she has killed his dog. She informs him that she's a witch. She wants his help. He doesn't want to do it. She tells him that he has the mark of the witch. Mac calls Jill's friend, Alan(Wells) over to talk about Jill. He tells him what happened. Alan thinks that it's a joke until Jill proves that she's a witch. Mac and Alan brainstorm and try to come up with an idea on how to get Jill back to herself. Jill arranges to meet a friend and later, he is found dead. Jill goes for another friend next. Mac and Alan are on the trail. Mac finds a spell for banishing evil. Jill kills her friend.

Mac meets Jill and she tells him that she has finished her work. Mac asks her how to get Jill back. She tells him that she needs something from everyone who was at the party. Mac doesn't trust her. The witch has plans to call on her other friends. Mac and Alan set up crosses everywhere and they exorcise the witch. Jill returns. They use a cross to banish the witch but she kisses Mac. He ends up being hanged as well as the witch.

This film is cheap and the story leaves a lot to be desired. It's okay to watch, but there's nothing much to it. It is worth watching if you happen to like 1970s horror movies or witch films. I am going to award it a 4/10.


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