Friday, December 26, 2008

Cats at Christmas!

As its Christmas I decided to show off my two pet cats again! They are Kitty and Felix.Kitty is older than Felix and Kitty is female and Felix is male.Needless to say as Kitty is female she is more trouble than Felix!!! I previously posted about Kitty here and Felix here.
Felix is above here looking out the window.

Here they are two in a bed! Where one starts and the other ends god only knows! Its just a mass of paws and tails! Felix is on the left and Kitty on the right! As you can tell they are the best of friends and always sleep together.They are like people and don't like the light being turned on when they are sleeping.Felix is very affected by light and usually just has his eyes like this picture! Kitty is the type of cat that sleeps with one eye open!

Here is a nice picture with the two of them doing what they do best......sleeping! The cat nap pillow is in the background so this is one of my favourites.I took all these pictures and this one makes them look like a cat with two heads! They always sleep very tight together as you can see from these photos! I hope you like these photos as much as I do!


Liz said...

Kitty and Felix are adorable! Love it when they sleep together in one big black & white mass! It's great when cats have a great relationship and sleep together. Do they groom eachother or give each other kisses, too? Enjoy the rest of your year! Liz

Dwacon® said...

They had more fun than my friends did...

felinesopher said...

aww, they're all so cute....wish to snuggle in with them;)

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