Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Psycho 3(1986)

I know what you are thinking.. Another Psycho sequel!!!But, this one is also good. Read Psycho(1960) here and Psycho 2(1983) here. I love all of the four movies in the Psycho series. This one is entertaining and Anthony Perkins is spot on as Norman Bates. It also stars Jeff Fahey.It begins with a nun called Maureen(Diana Scarwid) who tries to commit suicide on top of a bell tower. The other nuns try to stop her and one nun is accidentally pushed over to her death. Maureen leaves the convent full of guilt and despair. We cut to Norman who is behind the desk in the Bates Motel. He has been busy stuffing birds and of course, Mrs. Spool , who he murdered in the last movie and who is his real mommy! He sees Maureen and he is reminded of Marion Crane(from the first movie). He offers her a motel room. After her comes the sleazy Duane Duke(Fahey) who picked up Maureen earlier and tried to get off with her.He gets a job in the motel. Norman is happy to have some company. The local law are looking for Mrs. Spool and they have to check out Norman's place. There is a pushy reporter, Tracey(Roberta Maxwell) who is poking around to find out if Norman is back to his old ways. She tries to interrogate him, but he doesn't want to talk to her. Meanwhile, Maureen is in the bath when 'Mother' comes in with plans of killing her, but she has slit her wrists..She wakes up in hospital where she finds out that Norman saved her life. Meanwhile, Tracey finds out that Duane works at the motel as she asks him questions about Norman and she tells him that she thinks that Norman had something to do with Mrs. Spool's vanishing. Duane picks up some floozy from a bar and bring her back to his room at the motel. She gets killed.
Maureen has moved in at the motel and she and Norman are beginning to get along very well. They go out on a date and then they fall asleep in each others arms. There are a party of youngsters having a great time, but one of them is murdered as she sits on the toilet(nasty way to go!). Norman finds her and he is horrified. She is thrown into the ice box and hidden for a while. The next morning, the sheriff is out at the hotel to find out what happened to the young lady and he reaches for some ice, but he misses her body. Norman falls out with Duane who tries to blackmail him. He ends up hitting him on the head with his guitar and he takes his car and his body to the swamp. Duane ain't dead and he fights with Norman, but Norman manages to finish him off and get out alive. Maureen is waiting for Norman at the motel and she is ready to give herself to him. Tracey is snooping around outside and Norman doesn't see her. He sees Maureen and he is happy until he hears Mother calling him. He loses grip of Maureen and she falls backward down the stairs and she is killed by the arrow on the statue of Cupid. It has punctured her skull. Norman is devastated and tells his mother that he will get her. Tracey tries to find Maureen and she sees her in the house, surrounded by candles, dead. Norman appears dressed as his mother and he tries to kill her. She tries to reason with him and he goes to where Mrs. Spool's corpse is and he stabs it instead. The movie ends with Norman being led away by the Sheriff. He is reminded that he might never get out of the institution this time, but he doesn't mind. He smiles as he holds the severed hand of Mother.....An interesting sequel which I love, I am giving this one a 10/10.


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