Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Uninvited Movie Review 23

The Uninvited is a movie that is yet another remake of a Korean movie called A tale of Two sisters.It stars Emily Browning who has very big lips and David Strathairn who was in Good Night and Good Luck and a load of other movies.He is a guy that you say "oh yes I know that guy!" when you see him in movies.I liked him in The River Wild where Kevin Bacon was the bad guy and Meryl Streep was in it also.In this movie Strathairn plays a father who on the opening of the movie is collecting his daughter from the mental hospital as she had a breakdown on the death of Strathairn's invalid wife.The daughter is played by Emily Browning and her name is Anna.Anna tries to recover in her parents house with the help of her sister Alex played by Arielle Kebbel who is way better looking than Emily Browning in my opinion!! What do you think???

We get to see lots of them in bikinis so that is a good distraction as the movie heads into horror movie formula territory! We learn that Strathairn is now living with his former nurse Rachel played by Elizabeth Banks who was in Zack and Miri make a Porno that I reviewed here. Naturally the two girls do not like their stepmother and they begin to wonder whether she had something to do with their mothers death.We see early in the movie that she was blown up in the boathouse where she was being cared for by her daughters.Of course like in all these movies they have a boathouse that is separate from the main mansion/house!! I say mansion as the house is huge with long corridors and big rooms.To top this off they are right by the sea also which is very handy!!

Anna begins to see ghosts around the house in the shape of her dead mother and a little girl so maybe they are trying to tell her something! Anna meets Matt played by Jesse Moss who she knew before and he has information about her mothers death.Of course he never can seem to just say what he knows before someone else interrupts him! Finally he is just about to spill the beans when suddenly............................yes you can guess what happens to him! The two girls do a background check on their new stepmother and Oh no! she may not be who she says she is! What ever will they do??

This movie begins with a lot of promise but I soon realised that it is a movie like a lot of others that I have seen before.I realised what the ending was going to be, almost straight away and I was hoping to be surprised but it was exactly what I thought.It has been done so many times before such as the Irish made movie Shrooms.You will like this movie if you do not see the ending coming but if you do, it becomes fairly boring which is what happened to me.At the end there is an attempt for a "Saw" like twist where everything is explained in flashback but I had hoped it was something else entirely.I laughed at the by now usual part where someone is looking up something on the net and presses search and the result comes up! In this case there was no results page, it just went to the exact page that was needed! Google please take note!!!

I am not saying that I am so smart that I figured out the ending, I just mean it is obvious and I do not think anyone will be surprised.If your brain is out to lunch when you see this and you do not realise the ending then the movie will seem good to you.Otherwise it is a by the numbers movie that I am surprised David Stathairn was involved.Elizabeth Banks (pictured here) is OK as the Stepmother though she seemed a bit young. Maybe wait to catch it on DVD or don't bother at all.I could use lousy puns like you are Uninvited to this movie or this comes Uninvited but I would not dream of doing that!!

The Uninvited (3/10)

Arielle Kebbel (10/10) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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