Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drag Me To Hell Movie Review 36

Firstly, let me say that I had been waiting for this movie for a while before I saw it. I guess sometimes, you build something up too much and it can't help but disappoint. That is what happened with this movie. Don't get me wrong, I did like it, but it was far from great. I liked the Evil Dead movies which I have reviewed here and here so I kinda thought that this movie would be similar which was a mistake.
It stars Alison Lohman and Justin Long. It is directed, of course, by Sam Raimi.
It begins with a child being brought to a woman called Shaun San Dena. He has been cursed and the Devil is coming to take him to Hell. She tries to help him, but she fails and he is dragged down to Hell. The movie then cuts to Christine Brown(Lohman) who is working in a bank and she wants to get a promotion to assistant manager. There is another employee, Stu(Reggie Lee) who is battling for it too. She wants to look tougher to her boss so she turns down a loan application for an old woman, Sylvia Ganush(Lorna Raver). Little does she know that the woman is a gypsy and when she thinks that Christine has humiliated her, she puts a curse on her. She is waiting for Christine after work and she takes a button from her jacket and puts the curse on her.

Christine is shaken and she is met by her boyfriend, Clay(Justin Long). He thinks that it is the shock of what has happened that is making her imagine things. Christine sees a fortune teller and she goes inside to have her fortune told. Rham Jas(Dileep Rao) is perturbed by what he sees in her future and he tells her to go. He tells her that there is a dark spirit after her. From this point on, Christine is terrified by all sorts of spooky happenings as the spirit torments her. She sees things and she hears the spirit coming after her. Clay wonders if she is cracking up at first, but he begins to believe her after a while. She goes back to Rham and he tells her that the spirit haunting her is called a Lamia and that it will come for her after three days and drag her to hell. He tells her that a sacrfice might appease it, but after sacrificing a poor kitty cat(which I found repulsive because I am a huge cat lover) she finds out that it doesn't work.She tries a seance with Shaun San Dena and that doesn't work.

They eventually figure out that Christine has to give the button away to pass on the curse to someone else. She decides to go the the grave of the recently deceased Mrs. Ganush and she gives her the button back, but little does she know that she got the button mixed up with a coin belonging to her boyfriend and she has given Mrs. Ganush a useless coin! She is horrifed and then she falls in front of a speeding train and she is pulled down to Hell...
As I have already said, this movie is good, but not great and there were some cliches which I found off putting, but hey, it's only a movie and it is a lot better than some I have seen recently. At least it gave me a laugh! Some of the scares were good and I liked the old biddy who was cursing her.Did anyone else notice the similarity to a story by Stephen King called Thinner? I thought that this was very like that story.Jigsaw hated it and wanted to give it a 0/10, but I am going to be kind and give it a 6/10.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hostel Movie Review

People either love or hate these types of movies. They are sometimes called 'torture porn' which is a load of crap. Horror movies have always been graphic and horrible. That is the nature of them.Personally, I think that some of these movies push it a bit far, but it is meant to be scary and disgusting. If you want a sweet movie watch something else! This movie is directed by Eli Roth who also directed the movie Cabin Fever which I will review later.

The story is fairly basic in this movie. But, for those who haven't seen it, I will elaborate. Two Americans are backpacking through Europe. They are Paxton(Jay Hernandez) and Josh(Derek Richardson). They also have a pal called Oli who is from Iceland with them. They are in Amsterdam and they are looking for fun. They meet a Dutch man called Alex and he tells them about this place in Slovakia where there are loads of beautiful women who will do anything for tourists. Needless to say, the guys are dying to go there and they make plans to stop in Slovakia for some fun...

When they arrive there, they see the women and they are amazed. There seems to be plenty of naked women ready to have fun with them. They guys and gals mess around together and the next morning, Oli is missing. They wonder if he has gone away on his own, or has something sinister happened to him? The girls pretend not to know anything about it and they are so obviously lying. Josh is very worried, while Paxton thinks nothing of it. They eventually find out that the women are luring men into the hostel and selling them off for rich businessmen who want to act out their most violent fantasies on them.

Then the fun begins! There are some awful scenes of brutality, but it is in context with the rest of the movie. The two lads are caught by the killers and taken to some gigantic chamber of death. They are tortured and they see that there are more people here. Women and men are subject to this torture. They realise that Oli was taken here and tortured too. The moral of the story is that in these poorer countries, everything is for sale. The tourists are blinded by promises of sex and they come to the hostel where they are sold like pieces of meat to these rich clients who are only to happy to get their tools out and start chopping them up! If you have a weak stomach, then this movie is not for you. Just be warned that there are some scenes of torture etc and that if you aren't into it, then give this movie a miss.
I liked this movie and I thought that it was very entertaining. I am giving it an 8/10.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

G.I. Joe Trailer!

This movie is coming in August 2009 and it should be good! It is a must for everyone who had the action figure as a kid and it stars Dennis Quaid,Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans. It looks great from the trailer anyway and I think that this will be the first of many G.I.Joe movies.....Enjoy!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - King of Pop (1958-2009) RIP

We at Jigsaws Lair are very sad to report that Michael Jackson has died today from a cardiac arrest. He was only 50 years of age and whether you loved or hated him, he is the undisputed king of pop and he had some great music. He was an eccentric guy but he had lots of talent. His albums were huge sellers and he was going to have a comeback tour this year. Jackson could sing and dance like nobody else and he is a huge loss to the world of pop.When I was young he played here in Cork where I am from and I remember everything shutting down with the sheer excitement of his concert and his arrival! I was too young to go to it at the time but everyone was talking about it and it makes you think about how one person can bring joy and happiness to so many people through his talent. He had plenty of hard times and controversies and people found him strange and odd, but now, that doesn't seem to matter. He will be missed and we hope he rests in peace. So put on any track of his that you like and we all definitely have great tracks to choose from and just listen to his talent.His music will be remembered forever.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pin (1988) Movie Review

This is a strange movie. Let me say that firstly, but it is interesting in it's own way. It isn't scary as such, but there are some good creepy scenes in it. It is directed by Sandor Stern and it stars Terry O'Quinn and David Hewlett and Cynthia Preston.

PIN is a dummy in Dr.Linden's(O' Quinn) office. He is used to help the doctor to explain things to his patients. Dr. Linden has two children, Leon and Ursula. Dr. Linden makes PIN talk by ventriloquism. The kids have a miserable time as their dad is very strict and the mother is a neat freak. Leon wants to talk to PIN but his father won't allow him to. Leon does it anyway and gets caught by his dad who takes PIN in the car with him to get rid of it. While they are in the car, they crash with PIN in the back seat. Leon rescues his plastic pal from the wreckage and brings him home.
Leon(Hewlett) begins holding conversations with PIN. Ursula(Preston) is a bit worried about it. An aunt of theirs comes to stay and she is a fussy woman. Leon talks to PIN about it and he manages to get rid of her by causing her to have a heart attack when he puts PIN in her bed. From then on, PIN becomes part of the family. Leon gives him his own room. He dresses him in his dead father's clothes and he sits him at the dinner table. Ursula isn't happy with that and she tells him so. He gets mad with her. Ursula meets a guy called Stan(John Pyper-Ferguson) and she falls in love with him. They begin dating and he meets Leon. Leon doesn't like Stan much. Leon brings a girl back to the house for some fun but he can't have sex with her because of PIN being in the house. She thinks that he is a weirdo. He gets PIN and chases her around the house. She is really scared.

Leon tells Ursula to ask Stan over for dinner. He introduces Stan to PIN. It is a very awkward evening. Stan realises that Leon has a problem. He tells Ursula who already knows. She just doesn't want to have to put Leon in a home because he is schizophrenic. Leon talks to PIN about Stan and PIN advises him what to do. Leon calls Stan and asks him over and kills him in the living room. He is advised by PIN about what to do and he cleans everything up. When Ursula arrives home, he tells her that Stan called and said that he had to visit a sick friend. She wonders about this. Leon is acting strangely and then Ursula finds Stan's watch on the floor. She realises what must have happened and Leon confesses it to her. Leon tries to blame PIN for the murder saying that PIN did it when he was out and that he didn't have anything to do with it. Ursula is not convinced and she comes in with an axe and destroys PIN. The police are called and they find Stan but he is still alive! We cut to some time later and Ursula is back with Stan at the house. She enters alone and she is greeted by a nurse. She goes into a bedroom and she sees PIN. He is staring out of the window. He tells her that he misses Leon and she says that she does too. We see that the person at the window is dressed as PIN but it is really Leon. Leon has become PIN...

This movie reminded me a little of Psycho(1960) which I reviewed here. Norman and Mother are similar to Leon and PIN. In Psycho, Norman blamed the killings on his Mother and he talked in her voice and dressed as her. In Pin, this is the same thing. Leon ends up becoming his alter ego just as Norman became Mother..I liked this movie. I am giving it a 7/10.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Sentinel(1977)

Not to be confused with the more recent movie of the same name, The Sentinel(1977) is a supernatural horror movie.It is based on the novel by Jeffrey Konvitz. It has a good cast with a lot of familiar faces such as Chris Sarandon, Burgess Meredith, Ava Gardner, John Carradine, Jeff Goldblum, Jerry Orbach and Beverly D'Angelo. It is directed by Michael Winner who is famous for the Death Wish movies. Alison Parker(Cristina Raines) is a young model living in New York with her boyfriend, Michael(Chris Sarandon). She is on the cover of loads of magazines and her boyfriend is a lawyer. They seem like the perfect couple. He wants to marry her, but she wants to get her own place and get some time away from him. We also see that some priests in Italy are talking about evil coming. Alison's dad dies and she remembers back to when she was young and she found him cavorting around with two naked ladies. He slapped her and she tried to kill herself. She discovers her old cross on a chain and she takes it. She decides to get her own place so she goes to the real estate agent, Miss Logan(Ava Gardner) who shows her a nice apartment in a big house. She tells her that the rent is cheap and that there is an old blind priest living in the top of the house. Alison decides to take it and she moves in. She is at work a few days later when she faints. She meets the first neighbour that evening. Charles Chazen(Burgess Meredith) is an old guy who comes in and gives her a framed picture of himself. He chats away to her and she cant seem to get rid of him. The next day, she wanders into an apartment and she is met by two strange women. One of them is Sandra(Beverly D'Angelo) and she starts touching herself in front of Alison. They are lesbians and they make Alison uncomfortable as they begin to mess around in front of her. The next day, she is at a photo shoot and the photographer(A young Jeff Goldblum) and the others are getting very annoyed with her as she can't seem to get it right. She ends up falling against a glass panel and she is okay but unnerved. She is visited by Charles that night and invited to a party in his apartment. All of the tenants are there and she joins in. Over the next few weeks, weird things happen in the house. She hears noises and there are footsteps coming from upstairs in the middle of the night. She calls the real estate lady and she tells her about it. Miss Logan informs her that apart from the blind priest, she is the only tenant there. Alison thinks that she is going crazy. She goes up to the other apartments and realises that there has been no one living there for years. Her boyfriend tries to help her by investigating everything. She sees her dead dad and stabs him. The cops think that it has something to do with her boyfriend and they stick their noses in. What they don't know is that the house is a portal to Hell and that the people she are seeing are evil killers and that they are trying to drive her to suicide so that she can't become to next Sentinel. The Sentinels are nuns or priests who guard the world from this evil and Alison has been chosen to be the next one. The blind old priest upstairs is one also. She is to take over from him. The demons know this and they gang up on her and try to get her to kill herself. She is saved by the old priest and they manage to banish the demons from the house. Michael gets killed by them in the process and becomes a demon himself. The house is knocked down and made into newer apartments. The film ends with Miss Logan showing a young couple around. They see the nun at the window upstairs. It is Alison and she has gone blind. She is the new Sentinel and she sits at the window, watching.. This wasn't a bad movie. I didn't love it. It had some good scenes in though. I am going to give it a 6/10.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This movie is a thriller starring Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon. It is directed by James Foley who also directed Glengarry Glen Ross. It is one of my favourite films and I think that Wahlberg is great in it as the crazy David.

Nicole Walker(Witherspoon) is a typical teenager. She is pretty and she is sixteen. She lives with her dad Steve(William Peterson) and Nicole's stepmother, Laura(Amy Brenneman). Laura has a son, Toby(Christopher Gray). Nicole hangs around with her friends Margo(Alyssa Milano) and Gary(Todd Caldecott). Nicole spots a hunky looking guy, David(Wahlberg) and she likes him immediately. He spots her too and he is interested in her. They meet at a rave one night and he helps her to escape when the cops raid it. They talk and she finds out that his name is David and he seems to be a nice guy. They begin to go out together.

Steve isn't happy with David dating his daughter and he begins to find out that David isn't all he seems. He is possessive and he is violent. David doesn't like other guys looking at his girlfriend and he isn't afraid to threaten anyone who gets in his way. Nicole begins to realise that he is not all that she thought he was. He frightens her and she begins to wonder if he is the guy for her after all. He beats up Gary in a fit of jealousy and he scares the life out of Nicole. She breaks up with him and he isn't happy. He writes her name on his chest in ink and he bruises himself to make it look as if Nicole's dad beat him up. He kills her friend Gary. He tries everything in his power to win her back, including talking to her dad, but Steve is happy that she has broken up with him and he will not encourage his daughter to have anything to do with David. Nicole sees David having sex with her best friend, Margo and that puts an end to the relationship for good. She rejects David.

This pushes David over the edge and he gets his dodgy friends together and they come over to Nicole's house to try and take her by force. They break in and they try and get the whole family.
They scare everyone in the house and David is determined to get Nicole no matter what. Steve does his best to stop the thugs, but they get in eventually and all hell breaks loose. There are some scenes of violence as they try and get Nicole and when David finally gets her, there is a fight to the death.....

I liked this movie a lot. There are some great scenes in it and the leads are very good. I like the story and I would watch this again and again. This gets a 9/10.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Funny People Trailer!

This movie stars Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan,Eric Bana, Leslie Mann and Sarah Silverman.
It is about a comedian(Sandler) who is dying and he takes a newcomer(Rogan) under his wing.. There is a good comedic cast and it should be good!!! I like Adam Sandler and it looks like fun!!! It is coming in July...Enjoy!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flowers in the Attic(1987)

This movie is based on the best selling novel series written by Virginia Andrews. The books were controversial because of the incestuous relationship portrayed in them, but I have read them all and I loved them. The movie really cuts out a lot of important content from the book, but that's what happens sometimes, I guess. It stars Victoria Tennant, Louise Fletcher and Kristy Swanson.
If you have read the books, then you will know the story, but I will explain for those who haven't had the pleasure of reading them. The Dollengangers are a happy family. There are four kids who love their mom and dad and they are arranging a birthday surprise party for the dad when there is a knock on the door. It is a policeman who tells the mother, Corinne(Victoria Tennant), that the dad, Christopher has died in an accident. She is devastated as are the kids. They have to move out of their house and go to Corinne's mother's house. Olivia Foxworth(Louise Fletcher) is Corinne's mother and she is a very pious and mean person. She has no compassion or sympathy for the family. She looks on the children as vermin. They have to go to a separate wing of the house so that their grandfather won't see them. They are taken to a room and they are told that they have to stay in there and not make noise etc.

The kids are Chris(Jeb Stuart Adams) the eldest, next is Cathy(Kristy Swanson), then the twins, Cory(Ben Ryan Ganger) and Carrie(Lindsay Parker). The kids are scared of the grandmother and their own mother seems scared too. She has to pay for her 'mistakes' as the grandmother calls it. She needs to make up with the grandfather before he dies so she can get his money. The grandmother is there to make sure that she does. As Corinne comes to see the children less and less, they discover the attic. They dress up and play with stuff that they find at first. They have a lot of fun etc at the beginning but after a while, they want to leave. They long for some fresh air and exercise and when Cory gets very sick, they realise that someone put poison on their food. Cory dies and they are very angry and hurt. They blame the grandmother for putting the poison in their food, but it isn't her.
They discover that the grandfather died a while ago and that Corinne is trying to get rid of them one by one. She has been putting the poison in their food. She has a fiancee and she is getting married and her beau knows nothing of the children from her previous marriage. She doesn't want them any longer. She has been trying to kill them off so she can start a new life with her new husband.They escape and ruin her wedding day by telling everyone the truth. She is evil and she ends up dead.

The book ended differently, but the movie is still good. I liked it despite a lot of changes from the novel. It was entertaining anyway. I am giving this a 9/10.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Heckler Movie Review 35

Heckler is a documentary made by Jamie Kennedy and it is about heckling and criticism that pervades everywhere in society. Yes, I am aware of the irony of me criticising the documentary by the way! Remember criticising can be good or bad but it is usually linked with bad. Heckler mostly deals with heckling of comedians at live shows but it also touches on musicians and film/film makers. Kennedy has amassed a brilliant range of people to comment on this documentary. Nearly every comedian gets a say as well as some actors and directors.

The main thrust of Jamie Kennedy's argument is that critics can be very helpful in their reviews. We all know people who say that they can't stand that certain actor and they hope that he never acts again because he's a ****. Kennedy obviously has things like that said about him and his outlook is hey, it's just a movie, take it easy! He shows video of his stand-up shows where people heckle him and interrupt. He asks other comedians what they think when this happens to them and how they react. Jamie tackles his own hecklers head on by interviewing them backstage on why they dislike the show. It's clear to see that Kennedy takes criticism personally but I think that's a good thing as it shows that he cares. If he just said whatever and didn't mind, then it shows he doesn't care if you enjoyed the show or not. A lot of the contributors use the analogy of
"well, you don't do stand up or make movies so don't criticise me" and I think that that is rather silly. We want to see good shows and movies so we tell people if we think they should see them or not.

He does confront bloggers head on also so here's hoping that I will be interviewed if he ever makes Heckler 2:This Time It's Personal!! He does not like people who say "Oh,no, not Jamie Kennedy! I'm not watching him!" or the people who just insult him and not talk about the movie at all.We all have pre-conceived ideas about people so it is good to try and take them on their merits or work they have done instead! On the Internet it can be fun to totally slam someone or their movie which is why you see a lot of it! I try not to do it, but maybe we all fall into that trap of saying something that we would not say to the person's face. In Heckler, Kennedy confronts people and reads out what they wrote while he is in front of them. He talks about a review that just bashed Kennedy and said nothing about his movie at all. There are a couple of people like Carrot Top, Pauly Shore and Uwe Boll that always get dismissed and they get talked to for their view. I've seen bits of Carrot Top and thought that he was funny. I liked some Pauly Shore movies I have seen but I have never seen an Uwe Boll movie. I'm aware that people seem to love or hate him for some reason! Again, some people have pre-conceived ideas before their movie comes out, so it's best to forget about history and just go and enjoy the movie.

Kennedy's main annoyance seems to be people just focusing on the person or the idea they have and this is why I review a movie .I try to review as follows. I talk about the movie and who is in it, then what it is about and then I give my opinion on it. A trailer is included if you don't have a clue about what movie I am talking about. Now, you may think what I like is wrong but at least you will know more about the movie so you can make up your own mind. I hated the Curious Case of Benjamin Button as it was way too slow but if you like slow movies, then I admit that you will love it. The new Star Trek was a disappointment to me so that is why I gave a long review detailing what I didn't like as I hate reviews just saying that the person hated the movie and they have no reasons why. It's up to the reader to decide then whether he/she sees a movie or reads the book I have reviewed.

There is an element of "how dare you say bad things about us" in Heckler from a lot of the people interviewed but they have to take the bad with the good. They get a lot of fame and money from good reviews so they should accept it. The over- the-top personal attacks is unacceptable though as well people dismissing the comedians/actors before they ever see their work. Some critics of Uwe Boll in Heckler admit that they haven't sat through a full movie of his.
I haven't either so I wouldn't say it was good or bad. Overall, Jamie Kennedy deserves a lot of credit for making this thought-provoking documentary and it definitely does get you thinking while still entertaining you. Nicole Mandich(dunno who she is either) exposes her breasts in this as someone had told her to get a boob job but I think that she was really making mountains out of molehills!!

I would recommend that you get this on DVD as it is worth a look!! The movie Heckler and not Nicole Mandich topless, I mean!

Heckler- 8/10

Bruno Trailer!

He is the guy who brought us Ali G and Borat. Sacha Baron Cohen is back with another of his comedy creations- Bruno. Bruno is a fashionista and he is taking the p**s out of the snobbish fashion world. I think that this will be hilarious and I can't wait to see it! It is out in July. Enjoy the trailer...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vexille Movie Review 34

Vexille is a movie I have meant to watch for ages as it seemed interesting so I finally got around to it! It is written and directed by Fumihiko Sori.Vexille is a CGI anime sci-fi tale set in the future about robot-android technology and what it means to be human. It starts with the narrator telling us about Japan and how it has totally embraced robot technology. The United Nations bans the making of robots who look like humans but Japan keeps on its own path and withdraws from the UN. It puts itself into isolation and deports all foreigners and puts the country in lock down basically. They set up a grid to stop communication and it also stops spy satellites looking at them. Ten years pass with nobody knowing anything about what is happening in Japan.

The name of the movie is taken from the heroine, Vexille, who is a member of a U.S. special forced team called SWORD. In a pre-credits scene like the James Bond movies, her sword team intercept a clandestine meeting of a Japanese man and several politicians. She almost captures him but he gets away by cutting off his leg!!! His leg is revealed to be bio-organic which basically means he is an android so Vexille's team is sent on a secret mission into Japan to find out if there are more androids and how the country is getting on.

The movie continues on with twists and turns that any mainstream movie would be proud of and the storyline is the best part. It is intriguing and along with the action sequences makes a very entertaining movie. The quality of the images produced is visually stunning and even if you have never watched a movie like this, I think that you will be impressed. The story is gripping and it seems to be influenced by Frank Herbert's Dune. If you have read Dune, you will see creatures looking like the sand worms from that book. Vexille is not for children as there is a certain amount of swearing and the story is complex.

You may be saying no, I don't watch animated/CGI movies , but give Vexille a chance and you may change your mind. If you like science fiction stories, you will like Vexille as it deals with how far we are taking technology.I would give it 10/10 only it does take an idea from Dune, but that is good material to copy! This is a very entertaining movie and I urge you to check it out on DVD.

Vexille 9/10.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

President Barack Obama attracts flies just like....................

Have you seen this video? My main focus here in the Lair is movies,tv and books but I like to give my opinions on anything happening in the world sometimes.It seems the annointed one has no time for anyone bothering him!! This shows what happens when anything threatens to take away President Obamas airtime.Just like a movie set where reality is hidden, in Obamas perfect world flies dont make the cut.They might even dare to land on him and ruin any one of his many perfect pictures and photo opportunities. My feeling is this won't be the last of Obamas many harmful effects on the world with his main effect being the american economy.He has raised its debt and raised its unemployment but I'd say he won't stop there.Here in Ireland, anything bad for America effects us even more intensely so I hope I'm wrong but when you elect someone with no experience you cannot be surprised when bad things happen!!!

Incidentally the video should remind us all again what flies are naturally attracted to............!!!!!!!

Transformers 2 Trailer!

The second installment of the Transformers series is out next weekend and so begins the summer of action movies!!! It's good to have some big-budget action to look forward to! Here is the trailer, so enjoy it and look forward to more explosions, special effects and mayhem over the coming months!!!

Reservation Road Movie Review 33

This movie is based on a novel by a guy called John Burnham Schwartz and it is directed by Terry George. It stars Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo.

The story begins with a man, Dwight(Ruffalo) who is spending time with his son Lucas(Eddie Alderson). They are on the way home from a ball game when his ex-wife, Ruth(Mira Sorvino) calls him to tell him that he is late bringing the boy back. Dwight only has him on weekends. There is another family on their way home too.As Dwight is on the phone, he loses control of his car and hits a ten-year old boy, Josh(Sean Curley) and kills him. Dwight drives on and he flees the scene of the crime with his son who hits his head. Dwight tells the kid that they hit a log and they go back to his ex-wife's house to drop Lucas off.

The cops come and Josh's dad, Ethan(Phoenix) talks to them and he tries to answer their questions. He didn't really get a look at the guy. All he saw was his baseball cap. Josh's mother, Grace(Jennifer Connolly) and his sister are devastated.They are sent home as there is nothing else that they can do. They are in total shock. Meanwhile, Dwight is at home alone and he hears about the death of the kid on the radio. He knows that he is in big trouble now as he is a lawyer.
He feels intense guilt. He hides his car in his garage and he goes to work and tries to get on with his life as normal. He drives to where the funeral is being held and he watches the family of the dead kid. The cops come to Ethan's house and tells him that the car had a grill guard on it and that it narrows down the suspect cars. Ethan isn't happy as the investigation is taking too long.
He looks up the Internet and he finds out about hit and run cases.

Dwight is at work when his colleague introduces him to a new client, Ethan! He is unnerved by this. He agrees to take the case. Later, the cops ask him about his car and he lies. They are just asking routine questions and he escapes any trouble. Meanwhile, Ethan is on the Internet talking to other hit and run families who tell him to hang in there. He goes around taking photos of cars which he thinks might have been involved in the accident. He ends up at the police station, but they let him go. They tell him that they are doing their best. He and his wife begin to argue as he is acting strangely. Dwight talks to the cops and he finds out that they don't have a clue who knocked down the child. He is relieved. He hangs around their house and watches them.

Next day, Dwight comes to his son's play and he is wearing the baseball cap. He is seen by Ethan and Ethan realises that it was Dwight who killed his son. He doesn't know what to do. Ethan asks Dwight to meet him at the spot where the accident happens to discuss his case. He talks to Dwight about what happened and Dwight guesses that he knows. He asks his ex-wife if he can take his son for a week as he knows that he doesn't have much time left before he has to give himself up. She agrees and they spend a week together. Meanwhile, Ethan has bought a gun and he goes over to Dwight's house and tells him that the game is up and threatens him. He brings him out to some place and he threatens to kill him. Dwight gets the gun and he puts it up to his own head and tells Ethan that the guilt is killing him and that he is so sorry etc. Ethan walks away leaving Dwight a broken man. The movie ends with Ethan and his wife making up. Dwight leaves a video tape for his son explaining what happened...

This movie was thought-provoking. It was interesting and well-acted by the leads. I am giving this one a 6/10.
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