Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Expendables - Trailer!!!

Here we have The Expendables Trailer! It looks very good indeed! If you do not know anything about it,well, you should! It is written and directed by Sylvester Stallone and what a cast he has assembled!!! In no particular order we have.....

Sylvester Stallone ---Natch!
Jason Statham ---Good English action movie guy!!
Jet Li ---Need I say anything more?
Dolph Lundgren --- Rocky IV,Always liked him!
Eric Roberts --- He was in Best of the Best and always loved his cameo in The Cable Guy!
Randy Couture ---UFC fighter who is a real life tough guy!
David Zayas --- He played Enrique Morales in OZ!
Giselle Itie --- She is a Mexican-born Brazilian actress.Check her out below!

Steve Austin ---As in Stone Cold Steve Austin!! The Rattlesnake!
Mickey Rourke --- The Oscar Winner for The Wrestler! Well,he should have won!
Danny Trejo --- From Desperado and the upcoming Machete!
Brittany Murphy --- She plays Luanne on King of the hill
Terry Crews --- He is the father in Everybody Hates Chris
Bruce Willis --- Yippee-Ki-yay MotherF***** Well you get the idea!
Arnold Schwarzenegger --- He did say he would be back!
Charisma Carpenter ---- Don't know her but you can see her just below! She may get a cold with no top on though..................

Here is another featurette from the set of the movie...........

Purely for research purposes and so you know who she is, here's another picture of Charisma! We at Jigsaws Lair have Charisma!!! Do you?????


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