Monday, January 25, 2010

Amanda's Horror Years- 1985

This is a new weekly post I will be doing just to delve back in time and revisit some old horror movies which we love or hate! I will be looking back on some of those movies which are classics and others which may be better left alone!!! So, this week, I have picked 1985. I will just recap the year and I would appreciate it if you could suggest any that I may have forgotten or left out!!!

So, I am going to begin with the ones I like the most and go from there. Silver Bullet was released in this year and I love this movie. It stars Corey Haim and Everett McGill. It is based on the novella by Stephen King. Read my review of that movie here. Demons is another horror which was released and this was a great movie which was directed by Lamberto Bava and written by Dario Argento and others...This movie is so low budget and creepy. It takes place inside a movie theatre and people begin to turn into demons after a woman puts on a mask...Very good movie indeed. Read my review here. Continuing on my journey down memory lane, I have picked another movie I liked, Re-Animator. This is a classic horror movie at this stage and I hear that there are plans to remake it. It is directed by Stuart Gordon who has directed From Beyond and Dolls among others. It is about a young man in college who begins to experiment on dead bodies and tries to bring them back to life!

Another Stephen King adaptation this year was Cats Eye. This was a collection of horror tales as seen through the eyes of a cat. Puss enters people's lives and sees everything that happens to them.... Some things puss sees aren't too nice.. Fright Night was a vampire movie which starred Chris Sarandon and William Ragsdale. A young man finds out that his neighbour is a vampire, but nobody believes him. This movie is entertaining and fun...Dario Argento made Phenomena in 1985 and it starred a young Jennifer Connolly. She is a young girl who has special powers. She has some sort of communication with insects and she might be able to help solve some brutal murders. I liked this movie as I like all of Argento's offerings.
Some other movies worth a mention are The Stuff,Chiller,Day of the Dead. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 was released as was Friday the 13th Part 5. The Hills Have Eyes 2 was released in 1985 too and I liked it despite what people say about it! Well, that's all the movies I am going to put on the blog. Again, if you have any faves that I have left out, let me know!!


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