Sunday, January 3, 2010

Paranormal Entity Movie Review 84

This horror movie is a rip off of Paranormal Activity which I have reviewed here.That doesn't mean that it is bad or anything, but it is very similar to that movie and basically you know what to expect going in. There is no director etc as it is supposed to be a real documentary on the death of Samantha Finley.

We begin on October 25th with a call to 911 from a guy called Thomas Finley. His family is dead and he is hysterical. Then, we cut to the beginning on the documentary made by Thomas who is accused of killing his sister, Samantha. He made the documentary and it was found in the house that he shared with his mother, Ellen and his sister. We go to the documentary then and Thomas introduces his family to us and we find out what he is doing. There are some weird things happening in the house and he wants to get it on camera. David, their dad is dead and Ellen has been trying to contact her dead husband. She began to write to him and then she began to think that he was really talking to her. Bad things began to happen to Samantha and now Ellen wonders if it was her husband that she contacted at all. Maybe she brought something evil into their house...
The phone rings in the middle of the night and there is nobody on the line. A glass is thrown from the cupboard and smashed.On the second night, the TV turns on on its own and a table moves. The crucifix falls from Samantha's bedroom wall. The next morning, she finds it on the floor. Tom puts it back up for her. They talk about it and they argue as Sam thinks that the evil spirit did it. He reads her diary and he finds out that she is seeing things in the house. On other nights, lights turn on by themselves and Ellen starts to wander around the house by herself. She doesn't remember doing it and she has written something on the table. They can't figure out what it means. The next night, Sam is in bed and something opens her door and covers the camera . The door is shut and Sam screams. Tom tries to get in and he eventually opens the door. The next day, Ellen rings a psychic, Dr. Lauren and tries to get him to come over.

More weird things happen and Thomas tells his mother and sister to stay at a motel and get away from the house. He stays in the house by himself and strange things happen. They arrive back and tell Thomas that the thing followed them there and attacked Sam. Things get weirder and weirder and Sam is found in the attic in some sort of trance. Thomas tries to get her down. She is attacked in her bath. Ellen talks to the psychic. There are bruises on Sam and Ellen thinks that the entity is going to kill her daughter. Ellen goes downstairs and she grabs a knife in the kitchen and cuts her wrists. The movie ends in a final scare which I will not reveal lest it spoil it for you. It really was very like Paranormal Activity but so what?You know that it isn't going to be brilliant but it will pass a couple of hours. This movie gets a 4/10.


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