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Freddy Vs Jason Movie Review

Freddy Vs Jason is a 2003 crossover horror movie directed by Ronny Yu and starring Robert Englund, Monica Keena, Jason Ritter and Brendan Fletcher.

The movie begins with Freddy Krueger, who details his life and deeds. It turns out that nobody is afraid of him anymore. He is stuck in Hell. He needs to get out so he sees someone who can help him escape. He sees Jason Voorhees. He hatches a plan to bring him back to life. He pretends to be Mrs. Voorhees and succeeds in reviving Jason. Freddy wants to have some fun now. Jason ends up on Elm Street. A group of teens are hanging out on Elm Street. Lori(Keena) and her friends, Kia(Kelly Rowland), Gibb(Katherine Isabelle),Trey(Jesse Hutch) and Blake are together. The lights go out and Jason starts his killing spree. They all run out of the house. They see a car and they meet the cops. That night, Jason kills Trey and he kills Blake and his dad. The cops don't want people to think that it is Freddy Krueger so they try and make it into a murder suicide.

Lori's ex boyfriend, Will(Ritter) and his pal, Mark(Fletcher) are in a psychiatric hospital. They have been taking a drug called Hypnocil, which stops them from dreaming and encountering Freddy. They have seen him before. They see a news report about the killings and they recognise that it Lori's house. Will wants to get out to help her. He talks to Mark about it. Will saw Lori's dad kill her mother. Mark gets the keys and they escape. They warn Lori about Freddy and what is going to happen if he comes back. The cops are after Mark and Will. Mark's brother was killed by Freddy. The locals covered up Freddy's killings. Lori's dad tries to get her to take pills so she won't see Freddy but she won't take them. She leaves the house and meets Will. They talk about Freddy. Mark sees Freddy when he falls asleep. Freddy wants to send a message and he leaves it on Mark after he kills him. 
The cops have a curfew and a roadblock so they can find Will.

Lori's friends start to die. Jason is still on his killing spree and he goes to a party that the kids are having and he starts to slice and dice his way through the teens. Nobody knows who Jason is. Will tells Lori that her dad killed her mother and that her father had him committed to a psychiatric institution because of what he knew.  All of the kids who knew about Freddy were locked away so that they couldn't talk about him. The local cop, Stubbs(Lochlyn Monro) talks to Will, Lori and her remaining friends about Jason. They want to get Jason out of the way. They decide to offer Lori as a sacrifice to Freddy, hoping that he will come and she can get him. It doesn't work. They go to the psychiatric institution, Western Hills, to find out what is going on. A lot of the kids are in comas because of the drugs that they were given to stop them dreaming. Jason shows up there. He kills Stubbs but he gets injected by a doctor there, who is possessed by Freddy. Freddy wants Jason out of his way now.

Jason is incapacitated and asleep now. He finds Freddy waiting for him. They have a fight.
Jason cuts off Freddy's arms but he regenerates. They clash again. Freddy tries to kill Jason, but to no avail. Freddy knows that Jason is afraid of water. He brings on a torrent to stop him in his tracks.
The kids have Jason in a van and they are taking him to Camp Crystal Lake, hoping that they can destroy him. Freddy torments Jason with memories from his youth. Lori is going to go to sleep so she can draw Freddy out and Jason can kill him. She sees images from his youth when he was bullied. Freddy almost has Jason drowned. One of Lori's friends has to give him mouth to mouth. Jason wakes and the van crashes. Freddy sees Lori. The kids try to wake her up. They are at Camp Crystal Lake. Lori is at her house in her dream. Freddy is there. Jason returns home. The place goes on fire. Jason comes to sort Freddy out once and for all. Lori wakes up and the kids leave them to it.

Lori wants to see Freddy die as she blames him for her mother's death. Will and Lori set a fire, hoping to scare Freddy, but there are propane tanks around and there is an explosion. Jason rips off Freddy's hand with glove attached. They fall into the water and start fighting again. Freddy thinks that he is on top, but Jason uses Freddy's glove to kill him. He sticks it right into him. He falls back into the lake. Freddy sees Lori and she cuts off his head. Freddy takes a dive into the lake also. Lori and Will head off into the sunset. The movie ends with Jason coming out his lake, holding Freddy's severed head. Freddy opens his eyes and winks, suggesting that he is not dead at all.

What can I say about this movie? It was great! I love Jason and Freddy and putting the two of them together was such fun!! I enjoyed this one a lot. I thought that it was just so entertaining and seeing the two killers together was a real treat. The final fight was really good and I enjoyed the ending also.This is a worthy entry in both the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises. It is fun and even though I would choose Jason over Freddy, I liked the wink at the end from Freddy to show us that he isn't dead!! I highly recommend this one!! It gets an 8/10.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Baron Blood Movie Review

Baron Blood is a 1972 horror movie directed by Mario Bava and starring Joseph Cotten and Elke Sommer.

The film begins with a man called Peter Kleist(Antonio Cantafora) who travels to Austria to find out about his family history. He is interested in a baron who was in his family. He meets his uncle, Karl and they talk about him. He was not a good man and they travel to see his castle. His name is Baron Otto Von Kleist. His nickname was Baron Blood. He was cursed by a witch called Elizabeth. She made sure that he will be able to rise from the dead so she can get her revenge on him again. Peter sees his torture instruments. His castle will be turned into a hotel. Peter meets the man who is in charge of the project. He is called Herr Dortmund and his has an assistant called Eva(Sommer). Peter likes her.

Eva is invited to dinner by Karl and they all chat about the baron. Peter shows Karl papers with an incantation on it that will bring the baron back from the dead. Karl is not in favour of Peter trying that. Karl's daughter, Gretchen tells them that she has seen the baron in the woods. They think that she is imagining it. Peter and Eva go to the castle and make the huge mistake of reading the incantation. They have set the wheels in motion and they hear noises in the castle. They leave before anything can happen. The baron is on his way back from the dead. He makes his way to his castle.
He is not happy and he wants to do some killing. He gets Dortmund first. Then he kills the caretaker, Fritz. The hotel is put on hold after the discovery of two bodies.

An man called Alfred Becker(Cotten) buys the place. He is an odd millionaire in a wheelchair. He wants Eva to help him to restore the place to its former glory. Eva tells him about Baron Blood and the curse. The baron comes after her in the castle and she decides not to stay there anymore. He pursues her to her room and she gets scared. She calls Karl and tells him. He knows a woman called Christina who is a medium and they go to see her. She is reluctant to help them but she relents and she performs a spell gives Eva a magic amulet and tells her that she and Peter brought the baron back, so they have to be the ones to kill him. He is aware of this and he is out to get them. When they have left, Christina gets killed by the baron.

Gretchen meets the baron in the woods. She is not killed by him, though and she returns home to tell her father what happened. She is brought to the castle and when she meets Becker, she tells her father that he is the baron. Eva, Peter and Karl decide that they need to confront Becker and find out what is going on. When they arrive there, the castle has been restored and they realise that he could be the baron after all. When he gets out of wheelchair and walks towards them, the penny drops and they realise that yes, he is the baron. Eva pulls out the amulet, but he just laughs. He goes after Peter and Karl and brings them to his torture chamber where the men are tortured. Eva drops her amulet on top of Fritz's dead body and some drops of her blood and he comes back to life! It turns out that the blood of Eva paired with the amulet is bringing back the baron's victims and they are going to make sure they send him back to the grave. They advance on him and tear him to pieces as Eva escapes and gets Peter and Karl out of the torture chamber. The tree leave the castle as they hear the death cries of the baron and the cackling of Elizabeth who has had her revenge.

This was entertaining and fun. It is not a brilliant film, by any means, but it is well worth your time, especially if you are a fan of Mario Bava. I preferred this one to Lisa and the Devil. I liked the story and the cast were decent too. The setting of the castle is creepy and there is a lot to enjoy about this movie. If you haven't seen it, I would recommend it. I liked it and I will give this a 6/10.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Movie Review

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday is a 1993 horror movie directed by Adam Marcus and starring  John D. LeMay, Kari Keegan and Steven Williams. It is the ninth movie in the Friday the 13th franchise.

A woman comes to a house in Crystal Lake. The lights go out. Jason is there and he is after her. The cops show up and they shoot him and blow him up. Jason's remains are taken to the hospital. When the autopsy is being performed, it turns out that there is brain activity. The coroner decides to take a bite out of Jason's heart and he becomes possessed by the spirit of Jason Voorhees. The new Jason takes off. A bounty hunter called Creighton Duke(Williams) is looking for Jason. He is being paid to kill him. He finds out that Jason can only be killed by a blood relative. Meanwhile, Jason is killing some teens. He is coming to get his half sister, Diana(Erin Gray) and be reborn through her body.
Diana has a daughter, Jessica(Keegan) and a granddaughter, Stephanie.

Stephanie's father, Steven(LeMay) comes to the house also and tries to stop Jason, but it is no use.
Diana gets killed and Steven gets the blame. He is thrown into jail where Duke has also ended up.
They talk and Duke tells him about Jason's link to Jessica and her daughter. Jessica is the only one who can kill Jason. Steven breaks out of his cell to save Jessica and his daughter from Jason. He goes to the Voorhees house. He looks around and finds a strange book, which Evil Dead fans will recognise as the Necronomicon and a dagger.

There is a news guy there called Robert. He is Jessica's boyfriend. He is there to film a segment about Jason being alive again and he has even stolen Diana's body from the morgue to put in his piece.
Jason is there and he possesses Robert. Jason then goes to get Jessica. Steven comes to her rescue.
He tells her what is happening with Jason. She doesn't believe it and she throws him out of her car.
She goes to the police station and tells them about Steven. Jason goes to the police station and kills everyone he sees. He wants Jessica. Steven shoots him but he can't kill Jason. Duke uses this opportunity to escape from jail. Stephanie is at a diner where she is safe. Duke takes the baby and Jessica wants her back. Duke meets her and he tells her that he needs her help to send Jason back to Hell. He gives her a dagger to kill him with.

Jason has entered a cop and he comes to the Voorhees house. Steven kills him again and the cop dies but some sort of weird creature comes out of his body and crawls away to the basement where Diana's body is. He enters her and he is reborn. Duke is the first to get killed. Jason attacks Steven next. There is a fight and Jessica grabs the dagger and she stabs Jason in the heart. This puts an end to his reign of terror and he is pulled down to Hell by the souls of his victims. Steven ad Jessica take their daughter and walk away. The movie ends with Jason's mask in the dirt. A familiar gloved hand reaches out and takes it, setting up Freddy Vs Jason which would not appear for another ten years!

I have to be honest about this film. I didn't like it. I thought that it was the weakest in the series.
The story wasn't the best and I just didn't find it worth my time. I did enjoy the inclusion of the Necronomicon and Freddy's glove. I thought they were the highlights of this film. Other that those two things, there isn't much to like about it. It's a bit of a mess. I have enjoyed all of the movies in the series up to this point, but this one I could not watch again. I don't like to say anything bad about the Friday the 13th movies as they are mostly great, but this one isn't. So, I will give it a 3/10.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Last Horror Film Movie Review

The Last Horror Film is a 1982 horror movie directed by David Winters and starring Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro.

The film begins with a man called Vinnie Durand(Spinell). He is a taxi driver who lives with his mother. He is obsessed with a horror movie actress called Jana Bates(Munro). He wants to make a movie with her. He decides to go the Cannes film festival when he discovers that she will be there.
He thinks that if he meets her, he can convince her to star in his film. His mother thinks that he crazy.
Jana arrives in Cannes and Vinnie is there. He tries to get into a party but it is just for movie people . He dreams that he is a big time director and everyone loves him. Jana is with her ex husband, Bret Bates(Glenn Jacobson) and her current boyfriend, Alan Cunningham(Judd Hamilton). Vinnie doesn't like Bret. Jana receives a note that says she has made her last horror film. She also finds Bret's dead body. He has been murdered. Vinnie is there. He films her reaction.

Jana calls the police and when they go to see the body, it has disappeared. Jana is upset and confused.
Alan thinks that it could be a sick prank. Vinnie wanders around filming Jana. Bates has disappeared.
The police think that it is a joke that he is playing on Jana. They think that it might be a publicity stunt for his movie. More people start to get killed and we discover that it is Vinnie. He kills more people connected to Jana. He breaks into her hotel room but gets disturbed. He chases Jana and she runs into Alan who takes her back to her hotel. Alan calls for security. He takes her to stay with friends who live in the area. Vinnie follows. The security guys see Vinnie and they shoot at him.
Jana decides that she will use a decoy at the awards ceremony. Vinnie is going to get her.

He dresses up as a cop. Jana meets her decoy on the night and lets her go on instead of her. Jana stays backstage. Vinnie catches her and kidnaps her. Alan and the police find out what has happened and they follow Vinnie to a castle. He has a scene set up for her. He is going to kill her. Bret shows up and says that he was behind the killings all along. Vinnie was just a stooge. He is going to let Vinnie take the fall for it all. Vinnie distracts him and gets a chainsaw. He kills Bret. The police come. The movie ends with the revelation that it has all been Vinnie's film. None of it was real and he was actually making his movie with Jana. He and his mother watched it. She is proud of him. They share a joint.

This was an enjoyable movie. It wasn't anything amazing, but there was enough to keep me watching. It was fun to see Joe Spinell in this. I liked him in Maniac(1980) and he was convincing as a loser in this. His real mother starred too. The ending was pretty good as I didn't realise that it was Vinnie's movie all along. It was a little ropey in parts, but on the whole, it is a decent horror movie and I recommend it. I will give it a 5/10.

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