Sunday, October 15, 2023

Terror At Red Wolf Inn Movie Review

Trailer here.

Terror At Red Wolf Inn is a 1972 horror movie directed by Bud Townsend and starring Linda Gillen, John Neilson, Mary Jackson and Arthur Space.

A college girl called Regina(Gillen) wins a holiday at an inn called The Red Wolf Inn. She arrives there and meets a handsome young man called Baby John(Neilson). He seems a little odd. They arrive at the inn and Regina meets Evelyn(Jackson) and Henry(Space), They are Baby John's grandparents. There are two other girls staying there too. They are Pamela and Edwina. Regina wants to use the phone but it is out of order. Regina has weird dreams. She goes downstairs to get something and Baby John comes along with a big knife. She is scared. She decides that she likes him, though. The next day, Evelyn tells Regina that Pamela has left. Evelyn is weighing the girls. Regina looks around and she finds a little house. She goes inside and she finds Pamela's dress.

A party is held for Edwina. She is leaving tomorrow. Baby John wants to talk to Regina. He likes her.
He tells Evelyn that he wants her. Evelyn isn't so sure about it. Henry and Baby John knock out Edwina and they take her down to the refrigerator. They cut her body up. Regina discovers that Edwina has gone. She is starting to wonder what is going on. Regina calls her mother, but Evelyn cuts off the call. Regina tries to leave but she can't. Baby John takes her back to her room. Regina asks him about Edwina. He won't say anything.  A cop comes to the house, but he is related to Evelyn and her husband, so he is no help. Regina gets her hands on the keys to the freezer. She sees human body parts. She escapes the house and runs to the beach. She sees a boat and swims out to it.  Baby John sees her. She finds a house on the shore and she tries to get help, but it is deserted. Baby John catches her.

Evelyn and Henry come along and they all take her back to the house. Baby John doesn't want to kill Regina. He gets her and tells her that they need to leave. He leads her outside but they get caught. The dog attacks Regina and John kills it. Evelyn tries to stop him from leaving. He goes to comfort her and then Henry goes to kill Regina. The movie ends with Regina making food for Baby John. Evelyn and Henry are dead and Regina seems to be the new chef.

This film was okay. I don't think that it is a great film. The story was decent, but the execution was not.  I wanted to like it more than I did. It is a low budget affair and there are no big names in this. I found it middle of the road but it is worth a look for fans of 1970's horror. I will give it a 4/10.


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