Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best Ghost Movie???

So, continuing my series on the best movies, I am back with another question. Which are the best ghost movies? I know that there are a LOT, but I will just pick a few and as usual, tell me if I have missed any you like or if you can add to my list. I am always willing to listen..

Let me see, I suppose to narrow it down, I won't include too many old movies as we would be here all night. I might just start with the 1980's and move forward just to make it easier. So, a good place to start would be The Fog(1980) which was a spooky movie with some interesting ghosts who were up to no good...Next, I would have to say Poltergeist(1982) which also featured in yesterday's post..The Entity(1981) is another example of a ghost playing tricks on humans...Trick or Treat(1986) is a comedic example of a ghost coming back to get revenge. Beetlejuice(1988) is a funny story about a ghost who is not all he seems to be.The Wraith(1986) is a movie with Charlie Sheen coming back as a ghost to get revenge . It's not really a horror movie, but it is entertaining anyway.

Sometimes They Come Back(1991) is a ghostly tale of a man who is confronted with some nasty reminders of his past.. White Noise(2005) deals with the ghosts of loved ones trying to communicate with the living..The Sixth Sense(1999) is a ghost story with a difference. 1408(2008) revolves around a non-believer in ghosts who gets confronted by them in horrible ways...An American Haunting(2005) is a movie where the ghosts terrorize a family and cause the death of one of them..The Grudge(2004) features more ghosts...
These are all the movies I can think of. I know that there are loads more, so if you think of any, let me know....


Jessica said...

The Changling (1980) George C Scott -best ghost movie by far!!

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