Saturday, November 28, 2009

The House By The Cemetery Movie Review 75

This movie is an Italian horror movie released in 1981 and directed by a favourite of mine, Lucio Fulci. This movie was branded a 'video nasty' in the 1980's because there is some gore in it. By today's standards, it wouldn't be considered nasty at all.

The movie begins with a young woman being murdered in an old house. Cut to New York City where a young boy, Bob(Giovanni Frezza) is staring at a picture of an old house which is very like the house we saw in the opening scene. He sees a young girl in the window of the house and she tells him not to go to the house. We find out that her name is Mae. She seems to know something about this house. We see that Bob and his mother, Lucy(Catriona McColl) and his dad Norman(Paolo Malco) are moving to Boston and the house they are moving into guessed it! It is the same house that was in the picture!!

The house was previously occupied by Dr. Peterson, a colleague of Norman's. Dr. Peterson killed his mistress in the house and took his own life. Norman and his family are staying there for six months while he does some research on old houses. The house is called Oak Mansion by the real estate agent, Mrs. Gittelson(Dagmar Lassander) and she hands them the keys. She also tells the family that she will arrange for a local person to come to the house and babysit for them. The house itself is in a bit of a mess, but they work to try and clean it up. The babysitter arrives. Her name is Anne(Ania Pieroni). She looks a bit weird. That night, Norman hears noises and he comes downstairs and finds Anne trying to unlock the cellar door for some reason.

Bob is wandering around outside when he meets Mae(Silvia Collatina) and they look at grave stones together. She points out one which has Mrs. Freudstein on it. She tells Bob that the woman is not really dead. Inside the house, Lucy is sweeping when she finds a gravestone on the floor. The name on it is Jacob Freudstein. She hears weeping and noises in the house and it scares her. She is upset when Norman arrives home.They open the cellar door and Norman goes down to see what is in it. A bat comes flying at him and it bites his hand. He has to kill it with a scissors to get it off of him. After that, they want to move out of the house, but there isn't much available. Mrs.Gittelson finds them somewhere, but they have to wait a few days. She arrives at the house to tell them and she gets poked to death!!!

She is dragged to the cellar by something...Next day, Anne is wiping up the blood and Lucy tries to talk to her, but she can't get a word out of her and she thinks that Anne is a weirdo. Norman tells Lucy that he has to go to New York to investigate Dr Freudstein. He was a doctor who lives in the house and did illegal experiments on people. So, Lucy goes into t own while Anne is looking after Bob. Anne mistakenly wanders into the cellar and gets beheaded. Bob has heard her screams and he wanders down there too. He sees Anne's head rolling down the steps towards him and he screams. He races out of the cellar and he meets his mother and tells her what has happened. She thinks that he was dreaming or something. Anne has disappeared though.
That night, Bob goes back down to the cellar on his own and he gets locked in. Lucy tries to open the door with the key but it breaks. She tries to wedge it open, but fails.

Norman comes home and he grabs an axe and tries to break it down. The monster thing in the cellar is coming for Bob and he screams as he is grabbed by it. The monster is hurt by the axe which plunges through the door. They finally get the door open and they are faced with the monster who is hideous. It is the corpse of Dr. Jacob Freudstein. Norman tells Lucy that the monster needs humans to feed itself and stay alive. They grab Bob and try and escape, but Norman stabs the monster and it rips his throat out. Lucy and Bob try and escape through the opening in the grave into the house,but the monster grabs Lucy and she is squished. Bob tries to get through the opening and the monster grabs him. He is pulled up by something and he finds Mae waiting for him. Mae has her mother, Mrs. Freudstein with her and she takes Bob's hand and leads him away from the house with Mae to another world..

I liked this film and I think that it is worth a look for any horror fan. It gets a 6/10.

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Horror Movie Remakes!

Here is a list of more horror movies that are going to be sorry, remade next year or in the distant future. Now, I am getting really sick and tired of watching sub-standard crap that has been made by someone with no imagination or originality. Some of the lower budget horror movies might not have all the money put into them, but at least they are original and not more re-imaginings of movies that we love. I know that I have made this argument before, but after reading about some of the films that are going to be massacred, I thought it only fair to let you know what horror is going to come...Some, we already know about and some, I hadn't realised they were being crucified...So read 'em and weep!!!



The Birds(Oh my God NO!!)

The Blob

Child's Play
The Crazies
Nightmare on Elm Street


Fright Night(rumoured)

The Fury

The Gate

Hellraiser(What a mistake.....)

Little Shop of Horrors
Motel Hell(This does NOT need to be remade. It is perfect as it is.)

Poltergeist(Okay this is getting really ridiculous!)

They Live


If this isn't enough to make you mad, I will have a look around and try and find more of our classic movies which will be dumbed down and spoonfed to teens.....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Theatre of Blood Movie Review 74

This is one of my favourite horror movies. It is a British horror movie and it stars horror great Vincent Price and Avengers babe Diana Rigg. This movie was released in 1973 and was directed by Douglas Hickox. It is comedic in some ways, but it is Price's movie all the way.

Edward Lionheart(Price) is a Shakespearean actor who rates himself very highly. He is slammed by a group of critics who also deny him an award that he craves. He goes mad and he ends up trying to kill himself. His daughter, Edwina (Diana Rigg) is heartbroken. We cut to some time later and there is a killer in London. The killer seems set on striking down the circle of critics who denied him his award and his glory. The killer disposes of them in the manner of Shakespeare's plays. Firstly, a critic is murdered by a group of tramps in a manner similar to the death of Julius Caesar. Another critic is stabbed with a spear and dragged along by a horse.

The group of critics drop one by one and we see that before they are killed, they have been met by Lionheart in costume or disguise. These critics aren't very nice people in a lot of cases and we feel sorry for them,but we also can understand that they are not blameless. Lionheart becomes more maniacal as the killings continue and a police inspector Boot(Milo O' Shea) investigates. One of the critics, Mr. Devlin(Ian Hendry) investigates too. They track down Edwina and ask her if she knows about her father, but she doesn't seem to. What the police don't know is that Edwina is working with her father to kill all of the critics. She believes that her father was robbed of the glory he so rightly deserved and that he is right in getting his revenge on those who made him try and kill himself.

Devlin is saved for last and he is kidnapped by Lionheart and his group of tramps. We find out that the tramps saved Lionheart's life and they nursed him back to health. He has used them for his own gain and he has included them in his game of murder. He has a device set up for Devlin in which there are two red hot pokers on a machine,which will move closer to Devlin and blind him if he will not take back what he said about Lionheart. Devlin refuses and Lionheart sets the device. Luckily, the cops come in time and they save Devlin from blindness. Lionheart tries to flee by setting fire to the theatre where he held Devlin, but the tramps turn on him and his daughter. Edwina is killed and Lionheart is inconsolable. He goes up to the roof and he gives his final performance as the roof falls in on top of him and he falls to his grisly death.

It is hard to say who is the real victim in this movie. Lionheart was not an evil man before his career was taken away from him and we see that the critics are not so nice either. It is hard not to feel sympathy for Lionheart as he was crazed by the injustice of it all. Price was very good in this movie and I like this more than any of his other movies I would have to say. I am giving this one a 9/10.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Love You Phillip Morris Movie Trailer!

This movie stars Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor and it is about a cop(Carrey) who discovers that he is gay and he has to change his life so he becomes a con man. This lands him in prison where he meets Phillip Morris(McGregor). They fall in love etc... Im not sure what this movie will be like in comparison to Carrey's other movies, but it could be funny... Watch the trailer and see what you think anyway!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 Trailer!

This is the trailer for the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie which will be released next year. I have serious reservations about this remake. The original movie is a classic and Robert Englund will always be Freddy. I know that people think that it is good to remake old movies but this is one that should have been left alone and from the trailer, Freddy seems as scary as Barney! The usual teen twits are in it and it really seems no match for the original Nightmare on Elm Street which I have reviewed here. I could be wrong, but I really doubt it. Watch the trailer and see what you think of it anyway!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Secret Trailer!

This is sneak peek at the upcoming horror movie from Geno McGahee who gave us Rise of the Scarecrows(2009) and Evil Awakening(2008).I have no idea when this will be released but you can check his website Scared Stiff Reviews for more updates and details. Meanwhile, have a look at the trailer and see what you think. I will definitely be checking this out!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rise of the Scarecrows Movie Review 73

Okay, there is a warning about this movie- it is hilarious!!!! I am not sure whether the filmmakers made it this way intentionally or if it just one of the worst movies ever made-but I enjoyed it all the same! It is shockingly bad but it turns out to be sort of entertaining. The acting is awful, there are no special effects, unless you call a guy with a sack on his head FX. You have been warned... This film is directed by Geno McGahee and Jeremy Weiskotten.

So, let's start off at the beginning. Three guys,Bill(Jeremy Weiskotten), Carlos(Steven Joseph Adams) and Scott(Matthew Walker Wallace) are going on a road trip to cheer up Bill who split with his wife. They head off on their journey but their car begins to overheat and they have to make stops along the way. Meanwhile, the Sheriff of Adams, Sheriff Howard(Cedric Howard) takes on a new employee, big city cop Officer Brown(Anthony Brown). He tells him that the town of Adams is not like other towns. Cut to three guys on the road. Carlos sees a roadside stall and he stops the car and goes over to the guy, Rufus(Pawel Watracz) who is selling vegetables. Carlos makes fun of him and knocks over his stall(WHY?) and walks away. Then, he hits him in the face with a tomato!Yes, a tomato!!!! This movie makes you want to laugh so much that you begin to feel that it is some kind of joke.

Anyway, the guys have to stop again later because the car is crap and they meet the Sheriff and Officer Brown. He tells them that they will have to stay in Adams as their car isn't going to be fixed until the next day. They decide, in their infinite wisdom, to camp in the woods, even though they have no camping gear or a tent. Scott thinks that he sees a scarecrow walking around,but they think that it is some local messing with them and they laugh it off. They are walking through the woods when some guy called Michael pops up and gives them a warning about the woods. He tells them to get out of them because there is evil in them. He tells them that his brother went missing and he is trying to find him. He gives them a history lesson about construction workers who went missing years ago and we supposed to have been killed in these woods by the Sheriff. They came back as evil scarecrows!! The story begins to get sillier when the three guys ignore what they have heard and decide to stay in the woods for the night anyway.

We cut to an old guy called Carmichael who is complaining to the cops about kids annoying him in his house.The Sheriff and Officer Brown come to his house to talk to him. When the Sheriff is in the bathroom, Carmichael tells Officer Brown to get out of the town as there is something rotten happening.He tells Officer Brown that people are murdered and the Sheriff does nothing about it. That night, Carmichael is killed by the scarecrows!!!You have to see how they kill him, they just make chopping gestures with their weapons and they don't seem to touch him at all, but he is dead all the same!!! The next morning, Bill and Carlos get up and head into town , leaving Scott asleep in the woods. Needless to say, the scarecrows make a meal out of Scott. The two guys walk towards town. On the way, they meet Rufus who is with his pals. He isn't too happy about Carlos knocking his stall over so they beat him up. The guys go to the local mechanic, Dicky(Geno McGahee) and ask him to fix their car, but he will not do it. They go to the Sheriff for help, but he can't offer any assistance and tells them that they will have to wait until next week to get their car fixed. They are really annoyed. They go back to their camp and Scott is gone!! They find him dead.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff and Brown are at Carmichael's and they find him dead. The Sheriff decides that it was an accident, despite Brown seeing that he was stabbed. Brown gets suspicious of the Sheriff. He talks to Bill and Carlos and they tell him what happened with Scott etc and they all decide to check it out. Brown tells them that he will get files from the Sheriff's office and see what is happening. He goes over to Dicky and tries to get information out of him by beating him up, but he gets nothing. Dicky calls the Sheriff and tells him. The Sheriff admits that he feeds people to the scarecrows so that they will not kill the townspeople or something to that effect. Brown hands in his badge and walks away. The Sheriff blackmails him into meeting him in the woods that night and Carlos and Bill come too. The Sheriff is meeting with the scarecrows and he tells them that they are slipping. Brown, Carlos and Bill arrive in the woods. They split up to find the Sheriff. Carlos has the misfortune to meet the scarecrows and you guessed it- they kill him!

Bill and Dicky fight and Bill kills him. Brown meets the Sheriff and he sets the scarecrows on him and he gets injured. They turn on the Sheriff and kill him!Bill runs off to try and get help. He meets Rufus and asks him to help. Rufus smiles and he leads him back into the woods where the scarecrows are waiting!!!!! A really bad movie with some of the worst acting I have ever seen. Some of the subplots in this movie were so bad, they weren't even worth mentioning. See it at your own risk..If you want to see a comedy, then you will be guaranteed a laugh with this. It is a silly movie.I give it 3/10 and that is just because it made me laugh...

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Fourth Kind Trailer

This movie is out at the moment and it is about alien abduction and it stars Milla Jovovich and Will Patton. It is supposed to be based on true facts about people who have supposedly been abducted and seen aliens etc. Jovovich plays a doctor who begins to videotape people who have been traumatized by their experiences with aliens...I must go and see it. Meanwhile, here's the trailer...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pontypool Movie Review 72

So, this movie was a surprise to me. I had not heard much about it so I decided to give it a try and I liked it. It is a Canadian movie based on a book by Tony Burgess. It stars Stephen McHattie in the lead role and Lisa Houle. It is directed by Bruce McDonald.

Grant Mazzy(McHattie) is a worn out DJ who is working at a small local radio station in the town on Pontypool, Ontario. He is outspoken and controversial. He has not been long in the job and his producer, Sydney Briar(Lisa Houle) is trying to reign him in as he is prone to speaking his mind and ignoring what she wants him to do. They are going back and forth about it when a piece of breaking news comes in. Sydney is working with another woman Laurel Ann(Georgina Reilly) who likes Grant and wants to hear what he has to say. The breaking news comes from their reporter Ken Loney who is supposed to be in a chopper, but who really drives around getting the traffic news in his truck.

Ken tells them that there is some sort of riot outside a doctor's office. Grant reports on this but they have no explanation for this riot and Ken keeps them informed of what is going on, but he can't explain it either. Contact gets cut with Ken and they can't seem to get him back for a while. People call in the show but they aren't making sense. They seem to be repeating words and babbling. A cop comes on the radio and tells them that there are groups of people wandering around and they are not safe. The BBC calls the radio station wanting to know what is going on and Grant can't tell them as he doesn't know. Ken calls back and he tells them that people are getting killed and that others are munching on them. Some garbled message in French cuts into their signal and tells them not to speak to any family members or use terms of endearment. Pontypool is in quarantine and they have to stay inside.

Grant begins to freak out as he finds it all too much to take it. He doesn't know what to do. He wants to go outside and get some fresh air, but they are out there. 'They' are groups of people wanting to get at them. He goes back on the radio and he reads the obituaries. There are loads of them as people are killing each other. Laurel Ann begins to act strangely and they discover that she is infected.Sydney is worried about her kids who are staying with their father miles away. A man sneaks in through the window. They discover that he is the doctor, Dr.Mendez(Hrant Alianak). He knows what is going on and he tells them that Laurel is very sick. They all go into the sound booth and lock her out. She begins to throw herself at the window. Ken calls back and tells them that he is hiding from the mobs. He gets the virus too and they have to cut him off.

The doctor tells them that it has something to do with language and that words are infecting people. The things are attracted to words and sounds of people speaking. Meanwhile, Laurel is trying to get at them. The doctor tells them to stop speaking altogether. They communicate by writing on a pad. The things get into the building and they pound on the glass. They decide to broadcast something on the loudspeaker outside and it draws the things out there. The doctor gets infected too and they have to leave him. Grant and Sydney decide to speak in French to each other. The things come back when they hear noise inside but the doctor runs outside and distracts them. Grant works out that it has something to do with understanding certain words. He figures out that they have to make the words lose their meaning and then they are cured of the infection.

He and Sydney broadcast their findings on the radio to help others, but they are warned by the cops to stop. They don't and the cops prepare to blow up the building. The countdown starts as Grant and Sydney kiss... I like this movie. It was interesting and I liked the fact that it was a handful of actors in a small space, but they made a movie out of it. We don't see much blood or gore,but we can hear what is happening through the radio broadcasts. It is very different from other movies of this type. I am giving it an 8/10.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Prince Of Darkness Movie Review 71

This 1987 movie was directed by John Carpenter and it is part of a trilogy which began with The Thing and ended with In The Mouth Of Madness. It stars Donald Pleasence, Victor Wong, Dennis Dun and Jameson Parker.

The movie begins with the death of an old priest. Another priest(Donald Pleasence) knows that there is something happening after he finds a key to a secret room which holds a huge cylinder of green liquid. He asks Professor Birack(Victor Wong) to help him to find out what the mysterious cylinder of green swirling stuff is. It is something evil. The professor brings along a group of his students and others to investigate. They are all baffled by it. There is an old book near it and it is written in other languages. They get Lisa(Ann Yen) to decipher it. The liquid itself is giving out numbers and Catherine(Lisa Blount) is trying to find out what they mean.

We find out that the liquid stuff is actually the Anti-Christ and that its father is an Anti-God and that its son will try and release it from another dimension. The students notice that there are a group of homeless people standing outside the church where they are investigating and they are watching them. They don't seem to be acting normally, though. They are lead by one man in particular who just happens to be Alice Cooper!!! They are looking very sinister and strange things begin to happen in the church as the evil is being released. People begin to die and they in turn kill others and make them into disciples of the evil being. The remaining living people have to try and get out of the church, but the homeless gang are waiting out there to kill them.All of them have a dream from the future where some dark figure is coming.... As the students begin to turn into evil killers, the survivors are trying to get away from them.

One of the students, Kelly(Susan Blanchard) is possessed by the liquid and she turns into the Anti-Christ itself and she begins to try and destroy them all. She goes over to a mirror and she tries to get in contact with the father who she is trying to bring back to Earth. As most of them have been possessed, there is nobody around to save them. Catherine sees the thing putting its hand through the mirror into another dimension and pulling the father out. She runs over and she pushes it through the mirror and she falls through herself. The priest shatters the mirror, sealing her fate. She dies trying to save them all. Her boyfriend, Brian(Jameson Parker) is devastated and he can't believe that she has gone. He has nightmares about her and in his dreams, the dark figure has become Catherine now! He wakes up and he walks over to his mirror. He reaches out to touch it and then it goes black.... I liked this movie, it was entertaining with a good cast. I would recommend it to anyone. It gets a 7/10.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Edward Woodward 1930-2009

If you don't know who Edward Woodward is, then let me refresh your memory. Do you remember the classic horror movie called The Wicker Man(1973)? If you do, then you will also remember the great performance by Woodward. He played Sergeant Howie who was sent to a strange island to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. If you know the movie, then you can remember him being inside the Wicker Man, burning to death while screaming his head off!!! Woodward was an actor who was in loads of movies such as Callan(1974), The Appointment(1981) and Hot Fuzz(2007).

He was well-known for his television work. He was in The Saint, The Baron, Sherlock Holmes, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and of course, he was the star of the TV series The Equalizer. He played Robert McCall and the series ran from 1985 to 1989. He popped up in more films and TV more recently and he starred in The Bill and Eastenders. He will be missed as he was a very versatile actor and he was a real master of his craft. His performances in The Wicker Man and The Equalizer will stand the test of time and he will be missed. He had pancreatic cancer and he died at the age of 79 in Cornwall, England. He will be missed. Rest in Peace.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sherlock Holmes Trailer!!!

This December, the new Sherlock Holmes movie will be out. It is directed by Guy Ritchie(Madonna's ex) and it stars Robert Downey Junior, Jude Law and Rachel McAdams. I am a fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories and I watched the TV series too. I hope that they do a good job on it! From what I have heard, it isn't going to be faithful to the books which I think is a huge mistake! Meanwhile, have a look at the trailer and see what you think!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Worst Stephen King Adaptations

Well, what can I say about the worst Stephen King adaptations? For a start, I am a huge fan on his and I am not inclined to dislike anything written by him, but when filmmakers ruin something by just changing the story etc then I have to say that I don't like it. Here are the movies that I consider to be below par and not great. You might not agree with me, but in my opinion, they aren't good.

Firstly, the remake of Carrie(2002). There was no need for a remake and it wasn't up to much. I like the original and this rehash wasn't good at all. Then we had some sort of a sequel called The Rage:Carrie 2(1999)! What the hell is it with all of the sequels to Children of the Corn(1984)? I liked the first sequel and then it began to get ridiculous. We had Children of the Corn 3: Urban Harvest(1995), Children of the Corn 4: The Gathering(1996),Children of the Corn 5:Fields of Terror(1998) and Children of the Corn 666:Isaac's Return(1999) and lastly and hopefully it WILL be the last, Children of the Corn 7:Revelation(2001). Come on, why so many crappy sequels???They weren't even good sequels like the Friday the 13th or the Saw series!

Then we come to another lot of sequels which were not a patch on the original. We have Sometimes they Come back...Again(1996) and Sometimes they Come Back...For More(1998). They were not great movies and it is a pity because I loved the original Sometimes They Come Back(1991). One movie I hated was Riding the Bullet(2004). It was complete rubbish and as I had read the story, it was all changed and everything was different. I was not a fan of that movie. Another movie I was not a fan of was The Mangler(1995) and I was horrified to find out that there were sequels!!!! The Mangler 2(2001) was a mess and The Mangler Reborn(2005) was not a movie I would watch again.

Another film I wasn't very pleased with was Graveyard Shift(1990). I thought that it wasn't very well made and I didn't like it at all. It could have been better. The Night Flier(1997) didn't do much for me and I did not enjoy it. Firestarter: Rekindled(2002) is another pointless sequel with nothing to add to the original. There was also another pointless sequel, Pet Sematary 2(1992).

That is all I can think of, but if I remember any more, I will post them soon..Let me know your least favourite Stephen King adaptations ..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Long Weekend 1978 Movie Review

I have already completed a review of the remake of Long Weekend so now I will do a review of the original. This movie is directed by Colin Eggleston and it stars John Hargreaves and BrionyBehets.This is an Australian movie and it is very good. I would consider it better than the remake.

So, if you have seen the remake, you already know the story, but I am going to go over it again, just in case. Peter(Hargreaves) and Marcia (Behets) are a married couple who are not getting on very well. They decide to take a camping trip to try and spend some quality time together. We see that they do not have much regard for nature. Peter hits a kangaroo while they are on their way and thinks nothing of it. They stop at a local store and they buy a few things. Peter asks the locals about this beach he is looking for, but nobody seems to know it. The locals look at them as they drive away..

They arrive at their destination late and they drive around, trying to find somewhere to camp. They have to sleep in the car that night, but the next morning, Peter finds a nice spot. They find the beach and they are amazed by the beauty of it. Peter goes swimming in the water while Marcia keeps watch on the beach. She seems something black in the water with him and she screams at him to get out, thinking that it might be a shark. She asks him if he heard noises last night, but he dismisses it. We see Marcia and Peter abusing nature. Marcia uses insecticide on some ants and kills them. Suddenly, a dart from Peter's harpoon flies out, almost killing her. We see Peter throwing bottles into the sea. He finds a barbie doll washed up on the beach. They also see a van parked on the beach further down.

Peter gets back in the water and Marcia sees the black shape again. This time, he gets his gun and he shoots at it, hitting his target. Marcia wants to go home. They find that all of their food has gone off. Marcia is getting scared at this point.They find an eagle egg and later, a eagle attacks Peter. They assume that she was after her egg. Marcia freaks out and she fires the egg at a tree, smashing it and killing the baby bird. She decides that she is going but Peter won't tell her how she can start the car as he has done something to the battery. That night, Peter is outside and he sees a possum eating their grapes. He hands it one,but it bites his hand instead. They both decide to leave in the morning. Marcia goes for a walk while Peter packs the car. She sees something on the beach. It is a sea cow and it is dead. They realise that that was the noises that they had been hearing.

Peter wants to look and see if there is anyone in the van that was on the beach. They argue and it comes out that Marcia had an affair and that she was pregnant,but had a abortion. They blame each other and she tells him that she is going to file for divorce. Peter continues to look for the van,but it has vanished. Peter finds a tent with a dog inside it. The dog is not friendly so he leaves. He finds Marcia heading towards the water and he stops her. He jumps into the sea and he finds the van underwater with dead people inside it. They want to leave but can't find their dog. The dog appears but Marcia drives off and leaves Peter in the middle of the bush. She drives away and she tries to find her way out of the bush. Birds fly at her windscreen, cracking it. She stops the car and jumps out. The dog begins barking and Peter goes to see what it is. He sees the sea cow and it is closer to his camp. He shoots it again.

He finds Marcia's shoe and it freaks him out. He has his harpoon with him and he shoots at something in the bushes. The next morning, he sees that Marcia is dead with a dart sticking out of her. He discovers the car and he drives away with his dog. He is driving around in circles and he has to jump out of the car and go on foot.
He runs and tries to find some sign of life. He is confronted by the real horror of angry nature. Snakes hiss at him, birds fly at him in anger for his reckless mistreatment of the beautiful world around him. He is confronted by nature which will never let him off the hook. He stumbles onto a road and he sees a truck coming. The truck driver is attacked by a bird and he can't see Peter standing on the road. Peter is hit by the truck and killed. Nature has her revenge.. I liked this film much more than the weak remake. There is an eerie atmosphere about it and you know that the characters are not going to get away from their fate...I am giving it an 8/10.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!

Hello from Jigsaw's Lair and a Happy Friday the 13th !!It is a lucky day for some and a very unlucky day for some teens who will be chased by a mask- wearing lunatic!!! This is a day for watching some great horror movies such as.. let me see...Friday the 13th(1980)! There are many sequels to watch too so you can enjoy a full night of fun!Enjoy your Friday the 13th and remember to watch out for that guy with the mask carrying a large weapon who is coming your way..I have one word for you- RUN!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Night of the Living Dead 1968 Movie Review

So, this is where it all began. In 1968, George A. Romero made a low-budget indie movie called Night of the Living Dead and he launched a horror genre that has been around ever since. I was never a huge zombie fan,but I have come around since seeing these movies and I am now a fan.

This movie begins with a young man, Johnny(Russell Streiner) and Barbra(Judith O Dea) who are in Pennsylvania to visit the grave of their father. Barbra is clearly not comfortable with cemeteries and Johnny makes fun of her. Suddenly an old man(S. William Hinzman) comes towards them and he grabs Barbra. Johnny steps in and tries to fend him off, but the old man throws him against a headstone and Johnny hits his head and he dies. Barbra runs away from the old man who looks very strange and eerily pale. She runs to the car and tries to get away, but there are no keys in it. She lets it roll down the hill but it hits a tree.

She has to escape on foot from then on. She finds a farmhouse and it seems to be deserted. To her horror, she seems more people like the old man and they seem to be intent on getting her. She finds the body of somebody in the house and it is mutilated terribly. Barbra tries to escape and she runs into Ben(Duane Jones) who drives up in his truck and attacks a 'thing' with a tyre iron. They go into the house and he tries to talk to Barbra who seems to be lost in her thoughts. She is scares and she doesn't speak for ages as Ben tries to get some sense out of her. She eventually tells him what happened. Ben finds a radio and tries to get some information and he finds a rifle too. They discover that there are more people in the cellar.

Harry Cooper(Karl Hardman) and his wife Helen(Marilyn Eastman) are in the cellar with their daughter Karen(Kyra Schon). Karen has been bitten by one of the things and she is sick. Also in the cellar is young man Tom(Keith Wayne) and his girlfriend Judy(Judith Ridley). Harry wants them all to stay in the cellar but Ben is not convinced that that it the way to go. They argue over it. The others want to listen to Ben so they come upstairs. Ben finds a TV and they watch the broadcasts. The things are everywhere and they are eating human flesh. They say that the 'things' are the dead coming back to life. People are told to aim for their head when trying to kill them. There are groups of men roaming the country trying to kill them.

They come up with a plan to get out to a gas pump in the back and fill the truck so that they can get away. Harry is supposed to make Molotov cocktails are fire them out the top window to distract the 'things'. Tom goes out to do it but his girlfriend follows him. Tom messes up and spills gasoline everywhere and the truck ends up exploding. Ben witnesses it as he waits on the porch and when he tries to get back inside, Harry won't let him in. Ben bursts in anyway and he beats Harry. Poor Tom and Judy end up as barbecue for the things and they are eaten. They attack the house and the others try and hold them back. Ben finally kills Harry who is no good to help. He dies in the cellar. Helen is down there with her daughter who turns into a thing. She kills her mother.

Things go from bad to worse as the things finally get inside the house taking Barbra away as she sees her undead brother. Ben has to go back to the cellar and lock himself inside after telling the others that they were better off upstairs.. Harry and Helen spring back to life and he has to dispose of them. He waits in the cellar hoping that he will get rescued eventually. The next morning, the posse has reached the area and they are killing off the things by the dozen. Ben hears the noises and he comes up to look out the window. He is shot by the men who assume that he is a thing. He dies and he is put on the fire and burned with the other things.. I liked this movie a lot. There is a bit of everything in it- zombies,tension, a tragic ending...It was entertaining and it is hard to believe that it is over 40 years old!! I am going to give this one a 9/10.
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