Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blind Terror Movie Review 190

Blind Terror a.k.a. See No Evil is a 1971 thriller directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Mia Farrow and Paul Nicholas.

The movie begins with a person wearing a pair of brown boots. We don't get to see their face but it is a man.The man watches a car and he sees people getting into it. In the car is blind girl Sarah(Farrow), her aunt Betty(Dorothy Alison), her uncle George(Robin Bailey) and cousin Sandy (Diane Grayson). Sarah has been blinded in an accident with a horse and she has come back to stay with her family. They arrive at the huge house and Sarah remembers her way around. She and Sandy are sharing a room.She meets up with her old flame, Steve(Norman Eshley) and they chat. He drops her back to the house where there is nobody around. Sarah makes her way up to the bedroom. We see that someone has dropped a bracelet on the floor. Sarah misses it whilst walking past. She goes for a sleep. When she wakes up, she doesn't realise that Sandy is dead on the other bed. She meets Steve and they go for a ride. He owns a stables and he gives her a horse .

Steve leaves Sarah back at the house and she goes inside. She is going to have a bath when she feels the dead body of her uncle. She finds her aunt and Sandy. She realises that she is totally alone and she is vulnerable. Meanwhile, the killer cleans his boots. It is the mysterious guy from the start of the movie. Sarah ends up in the cellar after entering the wrong door and she falls down the steps. She wakes up a while later and comes back up. She finds Barker, the gardener and he is half dead. He tells her that he was outside and he heard a shot. He ran back in and he was shot too. He tells he the killer left his bracelet after him and he guides her to it and dies. The killer has realised that he has forgotten his bracelet and he is on the way back to get it. Sarah has to hide but she makes noise and then she runs. He is after her. She reaches her horse and rides away but it throws her off and races away. She is left alone in the woods.

She wanders into a gypsy camp and tells them what happened. She shows them the bracelet and it says Jack on it.One of them, Tom, takes her to the police, or so she thinks. Really he takes her into the middle of nowhere and puts her in a shack. She tries to get out and she does. Meanwhile, gypsy Tom finds his brother who is called Jack and tells him that he has the bracelet. He thinks that Jack has killed the family, but Jack tells them that he was at the house to see Sandy but when he knocked there was no answer so he left. Steve and his stable hand Jacko(Paul Nicholas) are out looking for Sarah. They have found the dead bodies in the house and they are worried about Sarah. They find her wandering around  and they take her back to Steve's. She is seen by a doctor and she is put to bed. Steve and some other guys go to the gypsy camp and they find Tom and Jack. They accuse Jack of killing the family but he denies it. They look at the bracelet and they realise that it is not Jack, but Jacko. Everything becomes clear and they have to race to get to Sarah before Jacko does. 

Jacko has arrived at the house and he finds Sarah in the bath. She doesn't realise that he is there. He is looking for his bracelet in her clothes. She puts her hand out and she touches him. He tries to drown her but Steve arrives in time and saves her. The movie ends with the bodies being taken away by the police and the gypsies watch on.... This was a very good movie and I really enjoyed it. There was a creepy feel to it and I liked  the music too. It was tense and the acting was pretty good. All in all, it is a real gem from the 70's. I give it an 9/10.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Stake Land Movie Review 189

Stake Land is a 2010 horror movie directed by Jim Mickle who also directed the horror movie Mulberry Street and it stars Connor Paolo, Kelly McGillis and Nick Damici.

The movie begins with a boy called Martin(Paolo) who explains that there has been a vampire epidemic and there are millions of them roaming the country. The remaining humans survive in groups and they have to kill the bloodsuckers. His parents were murdered by vamps and he was taken in by a mysterious vampire hunter called Mister(Damici). They forge a bond and travel together through the country, staking their victims as they go. Mister calls it Stake Land. Mister trains Martin to kill and with every vampire staking, he becomes a little better.They are searching for a place called New Eden where there is supposed to be some sort of refuge from the craziness. They rescue a nun (McGillis) who is being chased by two guys intent on raping her. Mister kills the two of them. They go to an abandoned motel and lie low for a while. The vampires come and they kill them, leaving the nun shocked by the violence of it all.

They stumble upon a cult the next day and the leader of it is called Jebedia Loven(Micahel Cervis) and he is pissed at Mister because the two guys he killed were belonging to the cult and to make it worse, one of them was his son. They take Mister out to the middle of nowhere and leave him to the vampires. They take Martin and Sister with them. Martin escapes. He feels bad about leaving Sister behind, but he wants to find Mister.
He does find him and they drive off. They come to a bar and they go in to get a drink. They meet a girl there called Belle(Danielle Harris). She is pregnant and she wants to find New Eden too. They all set off but she is slow. They find another person called Willie(Sean Nelson). He is a marine and he joins their gang.

On their travels, they come upon Jebedia Loven again and they capture him. They cut him and leave him out for the vampires. They reach a checkpoint and they enter a town where there are loads of people and lots to eat and drink. They meet Sister there. They are enjoying themselves when a helicopter comes along and drops in vampires who kill loads of the people. It turns out to be the brotherhood cult who did this. The vamps are killed and Mister, Martin, Belle, Sister and Willie head off again. They are camping out then they are faced with loads of vampires. They have to run. Sister gets cornered and she kills herself. They camp out in a school bus and when Willie goes outside to relieve himself, he doesn't come back. They find him hanging from a tree. The vampires have gotten him, but they seem to be getting smarter. Belle disappears next and when they follow her voice to a camp, they find her tied up. Suddenly, Jebedia turns up. It seems that he has been turned into a vampire, but he can talk and he can use his brain. He faces off with Mister and Jebedia gets killed. Belle dies.

The movie ends with Mister and Martin coming to a house. They meet a girl called Peggy(Bonnie Dennison ) who Martin likes. Martin kills a vampire for Peggy. Mister realises that Martin has become a man and that he doesn't need his help anymore. The next morning, Martin looks for him, but Mister has gone. He and Peggy head off and finally reach New Eden. This movie was very good. I liked it a lot. There were solid performances from all the cast and it was well filmed and the vampires were creepy. All in all, a very good vampire movie. Just a note, it did resemble Zombieland, but that can't be a bad thing, can it? It is a decent horror movie and I look forward to seeing more from this director! I give this a 8/10.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fright Night 2011 Movie Trailer

This is the new trailer for the remake of Fright Night.It stars Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin and Toni Collette. Im not sure what this movie will be like. I like Colin Farrell, but I do not like remakes, as you might have gathered.I liked the original one with Chris Sarandon and I am not sure if this will be a patch on that. We will wait until August and see! Until then, watch the trailer and enjoy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Night of the Creeps Movie Review 188

Night of the Creeps is a 1986 horror movie directed by Fred Dekker and it stars Jason Lively and Tom Atkins.

The movie begins with aliens on a ship in outer space. They are trying to make sure an experiment of theirs does not escape off of their spaceship, but it does and it crashes to earth. Then, we cut to an escaped axe murderer in 1959 who kills a young woman. Her boyfriend finds the canister from outer space and some parasite jumps into his mouth. Cut to present day and some college kids are having fun. Chris(Jason Lively) and his buddy J.C.(Steve Marshall) are trying to get into a fraternity and they have to get a corpse and dump on on the steps of another  house. They enter the morgue where they find a guy in suspended animation and they are amazed. They accidentally let him out and when he seems to come to life, they run away scared. He is the same guy who was infected with some parasite in 1959. The body disappears when the cops come. Detective Ray Cameron(Atkins) is investigating.

The movie takes off from there in a way you could predict. The little parasites are infecting the college kids and all hell breaks loose. There is also another story going on about the return of the axe murderer. Has he come back? We find out that Ray was a cop back in 1959 and his high school sweetheart was the young woman murdered by the axe killer. Also, there is a romance going on between Chris and the object of his affection, Cynthia(Jill Whitlow). Ray has to try and get rid of the parasites with Chris and Cynthia's help. The ending of the movie is Ray burning down a frat house to get rid of the parasites and he dies. Chris and Cynthia kiss. Along comes a dog and it is infected starting the infestation again. There is an alternate ending in which Ray emerges from the house infected and he collapses, spilling parasites all over the place. The aliens are coming to earth to clean up their mess...

This movie is a classic low budget horror movie which mixes a lot of themes like zombies, aliens, axe murderers and a romance thrown in. It is good fun and it is a classic in its own way. I give it a 6/10.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Priest Movie Review 187

Priest is a 2011 sci-fi/horror film starring Paul Bettany, Karl Urban and Maggie Q(from TV series Nikita). It's directed by a guy called Scott Charles Stewart who also did Legion- starring Paul Bettany as well! It is based on a graphic novel written by Hyung Min-woo. It is a cross between a Western and a horror movie.

Bettany plays Priest who is a vampire killer. There are more priests like him. The world fell into war between humans and vampires and the priests were created to take care of the vampire problem. They forced the vamps to retreat onto reservations and humans hide behind their own walls too.Once the vamps were taken care of, there was no longer a need for the services of the priests. Priest is approached by a guy called Hicks(Cam Gigandet) who tells him that Priest's brother Owen played by Stephen Moyer has been hurt and his wife Shannon who is played by Madchen Amick has been killed by vamps. Their daughter Lucy(Lily Collins) has been kidnapped by the vamps. Priest has to go with Hicks to rescue them. He falls out of favour with his superiors and he is in trouble when he leaves his home. They send priests after him to bring him back. He is faced with a baddie called Black Hat(Urban) and he has to try and get Lucy back and defeat Black Hat.

This is an entertaining movie with a simple plot and it doesn't require too much brain power. It is short which is good. I hate movies that drag on for ages and there is loads of action for people who like that. Bettany is good as the lead character and he has loads of cool gadgets. He has a cool motorcycle and he is good in the part. Maggie Q is good in her part and she is very sexy as usual. She is well able to handle the action and they work well together. All in all, this is a good action movie with some horror thrown in. It is very good and you will not be bored. I liked this and I would watch it again.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Best Slashers of the 1980's Part 1

I have been thinking about this for a while and I have been compiling the movies that I feel deserve to be regarded as the best slasher movies of the 1980's. I have chosen my favourites and I have obviously left out plenty of others that I felt would not be slasher movies so if you think that I am ignoring those great films, I am not, it is just that I want to concentrate on the killing teens, knife wielding psycho movies that I love.

In 1980, along came one of the best slasher movies ever made. It was called Friday the 13th and it is about a place called Camp Crystal Lake where some youngsters are heading for the summer. The camp counsellors are in for a shock when they begin to be stalked and murdered by a psychopath. This is a classic slasher movie and it has all of the elements that are essential for a great slasher flick. Another good movie is Prom Night. Jamie Lee Curtis stars in this little gem about a group of high school kids who are being killed by an unknown murderer..This movie had a good cast and it was one of the better slashers of the era. Terror Train was another Jamie Lee movie and had a similar plot to Prom Night. It was entertaining though. Maniac was another slasher but not a brilliant one. He Knows You're Alone is a made for TV movie from 1980 and it is about a killer who stalks and kills brides to be. A Christmas slasher was You Better Watch Out and it was good fun for the festive season!

1981 was a very good year for the slasher movie. Friday the 13th Part 2 set the ball rolling and Jason emerged for the first time. Halloween 2 saw Michael Myers return and kill again and again. My Bloody Valentine was a great slasher and it was about a group of friends who are spooked when a killer returns to the town of Valentine Bluffs. People drop like flies as the killer works his way though the group. Happy Birthday to Me is a decent slasher about a group of high school kids who find out that there is a killer among them. The deaths are all inventive and bizarre. The ending has a twist too. Hell Night was about a group of kids who go to a haunted house as a sorority stunt and find that there is a killer in there! Linda Blair stars in this. The Burning is another addition to the slasher hall of fame and it is famous for being a video nasty in the UK. It is about a caretaker who is an alcoholic. Some kids play a trick on him and he is burned and disfigured. He comes back to take revenge on them! Three other decent slashers are The Prowler, The Funhouse and Graduation Day.

That is part 1 of my slashers of the 1980's . I know that I could have left out some movies you like, so if you know of any slashers from 1980 and 1981, let me know !
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